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Developing Responsible Citizens

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Age Range: KS4

A wide variety of thought-provoking issues encourage students to examine citizenship in its broadest sense whilst including material which clearly relates to elements of the KS4 POS.

Topics include: Our precious earth; Our global neighbours; Animal rights; Victims of prejudice; Understanding the plight of others; The role of the United Nations; Helping the old; Disabled rights; Victims of crime; Friendship; Racism; Football hooligan; Homelessness; Energy efficiency and my school; My community; Human rights; Immigration; Slavery in the world today; Capital punishment.

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Size: 63 Pages
ISBN: 978 186025 363 8
Author(s): Hilary Williams
Code: DERC
Popularity rank: 197
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Contents List



  • 7 OUR PRECIOUS EARTH The dangers of abusing our planet and a citizen's response to this.
  • 9 OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBOURS The inequality of the distribution of the earth's resources.


  • 11 UNDERSTANDING THE PLIGHT OF OTHERS The human dimension of the consequences of war and how people cope with their lives after the loss of limbs.
  • 13 VICTIMS OF PREJUDICE The suffering that prejudice causes; facing one's own prejudices and changing attitudes accordingly.
  • 15 THE ROLE OF THE UNITED NATIONS The main peace-keeping force in the world today and a response to it as a citizen of tomorrow.


  • 17 VICTIMS OF CRIME Ways in which victims of crime are affected by their ordeal.
  • 19 VIOLENCE TOWARDS EACH OTHER Why young people commit violent crime and responsibilities as a young citizen in responding to violence.
  • 21 FRIENDSHIP A consideration of the responsibilities of friendship focused on its two-way nature.
  • 23 FOOTBALL HOOLIGAN A citizen's responsibilities with regard to football hooliganism and the rights of people who wish to enjoy the sport.
  • 25 VIOLENT SPORTS The issue of violent sports and justification of personal opinions on the topic.
  • 27 HOMELESSNESS Reasons young people become homeless and an examination of the assistance available to them.


  • 29 FACTORY FARMING An awareness of the various issues associated with factory farming.
  • 31 LABORATORY TESTING Why animals are used for experimentation in laboratories and conclusions regarding the moral issues behind this.
  • 33 FOX-HUNTING The moral issues that underpin the fox-hunting debate.
  • 35 OUR HERITAGE OF WILDLIFE The heritage of wildlife on our planet and how to be good stewards of this.


  • 37 HELPING THE OLD The problems faced by older people and the dangers of stereotyping.
  • 39 THE GLOBAL FAMILY AND THE ELDERLY The attitudes of people from different cultures towards the elderly - 'can we learn from each other?'
  • 41 LOOK CLOSER, SEE ME The prejudice with which disabled people are viewed and their rights.


  • 43 RACISM IN THE COMMUNITY The injustice of the Stephen Lawrence murder and how racism led to further injustice.
  • 45 RACISM IN SPORT Racist abuse in football and measures that could be taken to eliminate it.


  • 47 ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND MY SCHOOL How the energy efficiency of a school can be changed to meet the needs of the 21st century.
  • 49 MY COMMUNITY The need to use land and to build with consideration for the future environment.


  • 51 HUMAN RIGHTS Aspects of human rights, particularly the Human Rights Act 2000 and the plight of prisoners denied these human rights.
  • 53 SMART CLOTHES, SURVIVAL WAGES The abuse of labour used to provide clothing for a particular label or shopping chain.
  • 55 SLAVERY IN THE WORLD TODAY The way human beings (26 million) are being used today, working on the production of cheap goods and in domestic service.
  • 57 IMMIGRATION Reasons why people emigrate, the problems they face and responsibilities as citizens towards immigrants.


  • 59 CONJOINED TWINS Ethical issues involved in the use of surgery to save the life of one child at the expense of another and the role of the law in making that decision.
  • 61 CAPITAL PUNISHMENT The right of a court of law to take life and an in-depth examination of the issue of capital punishment.



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