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Values for Citizenship: Family Relationships

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Age Range: KS3

Examines family life in its many forms. Looks at issues from the perspective of parents and children, and helps students develop strategies for making family life easier and more enjoyable. (Updated from: Family Relationships Key Stage 3)

Topics include: Whats a family for?; Individual rights; Responsibilities; Conflicts; Unemployment; Apologising and forgiving; Money.

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Size: 65 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 873562 83 3
Code: VCFR
Popularity rank: 144

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Contents List


  • 1 WHAT IS A FAMILY? Students identify groups of people which can be called families and analyse the advantages and disadvantages of living in family groups.
  • 3 WHAT IS A FAMILY FOR? Students consider the purpose of families, and how this purpose may evolve as we get older.
  • 5 I'VE GOT RIGHTS Students explore the rights of children in a family.
  • 7 WHAT RESPONSIBILITIES? Students look at the responsibilities each member of a family should have within the family.
  • 9 NUCLEAR WAR OR PEACE? Students consider the advantages and disadvantages of living in a nuclear family.
  • 11 SINGLE-PARENT FAMILIES Students consider some of the reasons for single-parent families, and discuss the pressures and ways in which such families can learn to cope with the situation.
  • 13 EXTENDED FAMILIES Students consider the advantages and disadvantages of living in an extended family.
  • 15 WHAT ABOUT GRANNY? Students look at the needs of the elderly members of a family, and consider the best course of action when faced with the question, 'Who is going to look after granny?'
  • 17 FAMILY CONFLICTS Students look at potential areas of conflict within a family.
  • 19 CULTURE GAPS Students look at some of the difficulties and pressures non-indigenous families can experience living in a Western culture.
  • 21 BOYFRIENDS AND GIRLFRIENDS Students consider parents' concerns over boyfriends and girlfriends.
  • 23 WE AREN'T MADE OF MONEY! Students investigate the importance and difficulty of managing the family budget.
  • 25 WHY CAN'T I HAVE IT? Students consider the extent to which teenagers can exert pressure on their parents to buy them things.
  • 27 I'M THE ONLY ONE Students consider the advantages and disadvantages of being an only child.
  • 29 WHO NEEDS SIBLINGS? Students explore the problems caused by having brothers and sisters.
  • 31 GROWING UP IN A FAMILY Students explore family decisions and how both adolescents and adults need to respect them.
  • 33 UNEMPLOYMENT Students investigate the possible effects of unemployment within a family and how different family members might cope with the situation.
  • 35 GIVE ME SOME SPACE Students look at how a lack of space in a family home can cause problems.
  • 37 TIME TOGETHER Students assess the value of time spent together as a family.
  • 39 FORGIVE AND FORGET Students discuss the importance of forgiveness in a family when inappropriate actions or disputes occur, and consider how they expect to be treated should they break the rules.
  • 41 TWO WRONGS MAKE ... Students investigate the link between forgiveness and punishment.
  • 43 HOUSE RULES Students investigate the need for rules or a code of conduct within a family.
  • 45 IT'S NOT FAIR! Students investigate possible strategies for enforcing family rules.
  • 47 PLEASE LISTEN Students look at potential areas of conflict within a family.
  • 49 APPRECIATION Students look at the need for appreciation, within a family, for the actions of family members.
  • 51 TURNING THE TABLES Students focus on the concerns of their parents.
  • 53 FAMILY PROBLEMS Students look at possible causes of family breakdowns and at strategies for reconciliation. They also consider the issue of 'parents' themselves needing support from others in times of stress.
  • 55 WHEN A FAMILY BREAKS UP Students discuss those who experience family break-up.



Teacher Testing Report

A useful resource, since Most RE textbooks for this age concentrate on religion as opposed to the "nitty gritty" of family life.
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Teacher Testing Report

In my opinion this pack would be a useful resource not only for PHSE but for teachers reaching Child Development GCSE. The activities may be useful to get pupils thinking about certain issues before they have to research topics.
Was this review helpful to you?

Teacher Testing Report

It is very comprehensive and certainly would be of use in PSE and RE. References to other cultures' family groups good links with RE as a result.
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This looks at the problems and the good things about living with. The diversity of families is emphasised. Activities look at single parent families, extended families, responsibilities, rules and arguments. Assertiveness and negotiation skills are developed through many of the activities.
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Look Hear

The sheets lend themselves to discussion work and situation drama activities.
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