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Values for Citizenship: The Law and You

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Age Range: KS4

Students develop skills by exploring citizenship and law in Britain and their role in students’ lives. A variety of worksheets improve KS4 students’ knowledge and ability to deal with situations involving the law and help them become aware of both their rights and responsibilities. Resources are suitable for Key Stage 4 students of mixed ability.

Topics covered by resources include: What is crime?; The law and schools; Revenge; When the law affects you; What is a law?; When the law fails; Crime prevention; Why do laws exist?

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Size: 62 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 873562 55 0
Code: VCTL
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Contents List


  • 7 AGE MATTERS Students are introduced to their legal rights and responsibilities and focus on the relationship between attitudes in society and particular laws.
  • 9 IMAGES OF CRIME Students consider the role of the media in shaping attitudes to crime.
  • 11 WHERE DO I STAND? Students explore their feelings about a wide variety of crimes.
  • 13 THEFT: DOES IT MATTER? Students look closely at their attitudes to theft.
  • 15 NO YOU DON'T Students consider the benefits and drawbacks of legal sanctions.
  • 17 LAW, SEX AND YOU Students look at information about the law relating to sex.
  • 19 WHY LAWS? Students discuss the complexity of legislation and the law-making process.
  • 21 HOW DO I FIT IN? Students are encouraged to discuss their experience of citizenship and to look at the roles they play in society.
  • 23 CONSIDERATE CITIZEN Having identified different social groupings to which they belong, students are asked to focus on the non-academic skills required to be a responsible group member.
  • 25 DEFINING MY RIGHTS Students reflect upon the responsibilities which complement freedoms and rights.
  • 27 DRINK AND YOU Students look at the law relating to alcohol consumption and focus on the effects of peer pressure.
  • 29 MONEY MATTERS Students discuss money management and financial laws.
  • 31 BUY LAWS Students are tested on their knowledge of consumer laws.
  • 33 SAFE NOT SORRY Students discuss crime prevention.
  • 35 LAW AS A CAREER Students consider jobs involving the law.
  • 37 A MAN'S WORLD Students look at the 'gender' of our society's legal values.
  • 39 DISCRIMINATION Students consider the issues of prejudice and discrimination.
  • 41 AT THE POLICE STATION Students look at information about legal rights upon arrest or detainment.
  • 43 SIDESTEPPING THE LAW Students discuss the possible consequences of breaking the law.
  • 45 HOW SERIOUS? Students look at several categories of crime and consider the implications of all kinds of criminal behaviour.
  • 47 DRUGS Students discuss illegal drug use.
  • 49 TRIAL BY JURY Students evaluate evidence and consider appropriate forms of punishment.
  • 51 SAFETY FIRST Students look at information and advice about safety in the school and workplace.
  • 53 FROM IDEA TO LAW Students look at the stages of legislation.
  • 55 THE COST OF CRIME Students consider the consequences of crime for the individual and for society.
  • 57 RULES OR LAWS? Students consider the differences between rules and laws.
  • 59 CRIMINAL OR CIVIL LAW? Students are given an introduction to the concept of civil law.



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This would make a good basis for a new PSE module. I like the variety of teaching and learning styles.
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