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Assessment in GCSE Geography

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Age Range: KS4

A suite of tests written to cover GCSE concepts and topics that are commonly failed or considered to be tricky. Eight tests map to the modules of the AQA A syllabus but can be used effectively by students studying other GCSE syllabi.

Modules covered: Tectonics, Coasts, Development, Glaciation, Industry, Rivers, Rocks, Population.

These assessments are run through Yacapaca, which may charge a subscription fee based on your overall level of usage

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Author(s): Paul Laird
Code: AGGE
Popularity rank: 226
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The pupils enjoyed this as an alternative homework task. They were able to compare thier results with others and this became quite competitive/inspirational/motivational. It showed me. their teacher, areas of weakness so I could address them. I will set this again after we have reviewed the topics so the pupils can see their own progress.
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