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Formative Assessment in PSHE: Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

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Age Range: KS4, KS4+

Ensure that you are fulfilling the statutory requirements for delivering sex, drugs, alcohol and tobacco education whilst allowing students the freedom to explore the complex issues surrounding substance use and abuse.

This suite of professionally-written assessments is administered and auto-marked online. Multiple choice, Drag and Drop and Scenario formats provide a wide variety of presentation methods. The scenario-based discussion starters, in particular, can be used to anonymise students’ opinions for future classroom debate.

Detailed teachers’ notes are also provided online to help both specialist and non-specialist PSHE teachers cover sensitive issues.

Assessments cover:

  • Use and abuse
  • Drugs and the law
  • Identifying drugs
  • Contraception
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Sex and the law
  • Rights and responsibilities

If you are already a Yacapaca member you can go direct to the test bank page.

Features list:

  • easy to administer
  • available anytime on the web
  • quick and accurate results
  • formative student feedback for each response
  • instant teacher feedback to show where best to concentrate teaching time
  • online teachers’ notes

These assessments are run through Yacapaca, which may charge a subscription fee based on your overall level of usage

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ISBN: 1 80625 565 5
Author(s): Eileen Osborne, Mike Brett
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Kathy Davies at Barnwood Park Arts College

I used this whole unit with the top 4 sets of Year 8 both as a diagnostic and an end of unit assessment. The information was clear and accurate. The pupils were eager to work off-site, some repeating the test until they got 100%. Used in conjunction with an NHS demonstration pack, I'm confident that they will remember the facts. With the lower sets, I used the quiz on the whiteboard with everyone contributing to the answer, dividing the class into two competing teams. I also used a powerpoint to show how to get to the nearest family planning clinic and tackle some old wives' tales.
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