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Planning, Drafting and Presenting Work at KS4

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS4

So often students plunge into written work unprepared, or hold back through fear of failure. This pack builds both skill and confidence, by training students to generate ideas, create an outline plan, attempt a first draft and then feel able to redraft and re-edit until they achieve a good result. (Updated from: Structured Drafting and Redrafting at Key Stage 4)

Topics include: Writing a proposal; Scriptwriting; Writing about people; Structuring an argument; Describing work experience.

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Size: 68 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 465 9
Code: PDAP
Popularity rank: 336

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Contents List


  • vi-5 FANTASY ISLAND 1,2,3 Producing a holiday brochure
  • 6-11 WORKING NINE TO FIVE 1,2,3 Report on work experience
  • 12-17 TOOTHBRUSH ZOO 1,2,3 Promotion for a TV magazine programme
  • 18-23 THE CLOSE 1,2,3 Outline for an episode of a TV soap
  • 24-29 LULU 1,2,3 Creating a narrative based on a poem
  • 30-35 YOURS IN CONCERN 1,2,3 Writing letters of complaint
  • 36-41 PEOPLE WHO MATTER 1,2,3 Describing people
  • 42-47 IT'S YOUR SAY 1,2,3 Writing an outline for a radio talk
  • 48-53 MY DEAR WATSON 1,2,3 Setting out a detective story
  • 54-59 ON THE OTHER HAND 1,2,3 Debating the pros and cons of Valentine's Day
  • 60 CHECKING PAGE Checking for accuracy