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Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

Price: £55.00
Age Range: KS3 KS4

Prepare your students to make informed, balanced and positive decisions through a reasoned examination of major drug-related issues. Includes resources on topics and issues most likely to be encountered by your KS3 and KS4 students including smoking worksheets, drugs education, and alcohol lesson plans. Based on DfES guidelines and in line with OFSTED requirements. Resource are suitable for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students of mixed ability.

Topics include: Legal and illegal drugs; Infections; School policy; Smoking in school; Soft and hard drugs; Myths and stereotypes; Damage to the body; Legal drugs in society; Long-term effects of smoking; How alcohol impairs judgement; Advertising strategies.

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Size: 130 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 090 3
Author(s): Roger Morgan
Code: DAAT
Popularity rank: 5
Average Customer Review:  * * * * *  based on 8 reviews

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Contents List


  • 1 WHAT IS A DRUG? (KS3) Identifying drugs
  • 3 WHAT DOES IT DO? (KS3) Short-term effects
  • 5 DRUGS AND THE LAW (KS3) Drug classifications
  • 7 LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND! (KS3) Discarded substances
  • 9 IT'S CATCHING (KS3) Avoiding infection
  • 11 THE SCHOOL POLICY (KS3 and KS4) School policy in practice
  • 13 SOFT DRUG? HARD DRUG? (KS4) Drug classifications
  • 15 SOLVENT ABUSE (KS3) Dealing with incidents
  • 17 DRUGS FOR SALE (KS3) The legal drugs trade
  • 19 IS THAT TRUE? (KS3) Myths and stereotypes
  • 21 A BAD HABIT? (KS3) What leads to drug abuse
  • 23 IT'S UP TO ME (KS3) Decision-making
  • 25 RESISTING PRESSURE (KS3) Practice through roleplay
  • 27 GETTING HELP (KS3 and KS4) Support agencies
  • 29 GOOD HEALTH (KS3) Healthy lifestyles
  • 31 THE DAMAGE (KS4) Long-term effects
  • 33 MORE ABOUT THE LAW (KS4) Drug use and the law
  • 35 WHOSE CHOICE? (KS4) Using drugs to control mental illness
  • 37 THE DRUGS CHAIN (KS4) The people involved
  • 39 WE ALL DO IT (KS4) Legal drug use
  • 41 WHO DOES IT HARM? (KS3 and KS4) Smoking in pregnancy
  • 43 MAKING CHOICES (KS4) Tragic consequences of drug abuse
  • 45 THE THING TO DO (KS4) Effects of peer pressure
  • 47 COPING (KS4) Strategies for dealing with problems
  • 49 TIME MACHINE (KS4) Realistic planning for a healthy future
  • 51 WHY SMOKE? (KS3) Why people begin smoking
  • 53 IT'S MY AIR, TOO (KS3) Passive smoking
  • 55 COUNTING THE COST (KS3) What a smoking habit costs
  • 57 NO HARM DONE? (KS4) Medical and social implications of long-term smoking
  • 59 IS IT LEGAL? (KS3 and KS4) The law and smoking
  • 61 DID YOU KNOW? (KS3) The law and alcohol
  • 63 I'M OK (KS3) How alcohol can affect judgement
  • 65 ONE TOO MANY? (KS4) Categories of drinkers
  • 67 I CAN TAKE IT (KS4) Alcohol limits
  • 69 IT'S JUST A DRINK (KS4) Alcopops
  • 71 YOUR HERO (KS3) Images of the famous
  • 73 ONE OF THE CROWD (KS3) Peer pressure
  • 75 STARTING YOUNG (KS3) Facts about young smokers
  • 77 THE HARD SELL (KS3) Alcohol and cigarette advertising
  • 79 A LOT TO ANSWER FOR (KS4) Alcohol and smoking in the media
  • 81 UNDER THE INFLUENCE (KS3) Who influences young people?
  • 83 RELAX (KS4) Alternative ways
  • 85 FINDING YOURSELF (KS4) Spiritual experiences
  • 87 IT'S NOT EASY (KS3) Coping with other people's drug or alcohol problems
  • 89 IT'S NOT A PROBLEM (KS4) Coping with your own drink or drug-related problems
  • 93 WHAT IF? PARENTS SMOKE (KS3) Scenario
  • 95 WHAT IF? ECSTASY (KS3) Scenario
  • 97 WHAT IF? DRINKING (KS3) Scenario
  • 99 WHAT WILL THEY SAY? (KS3) The smoking letter
  • 101 PAYING THE PRICE (KS3) School sanctions
  • 103 CAUGHT OUT (KS3) Sanctions relating to drugs in school
  • 105 LOOK OUT! (KS3) Dangers of solvent abuse
  • 107 THE SCHOOL TRIP (KS4) Acceptable behaviour on school trips
  • 109 THE SPANISH HOLIDAY (KS4) Consequences of drug or alcohol use while on school residentials
  • 111 LAST DAYS (KS4) School-leavers' behaviour
  • 113 WHAT'S FAIR? (KS4) Smoking in the sixth form
  • 115 WHAT WORKS? (KS4) What drug education has been effective
  • 117 POSTER POWER (KS4) Evaluating anti-drug, anti-drink and anti-smoking campaigns
  • 119 ROAD SHOW (KS4) Planning drugs, alcohol and smoking education





Useful to add to activities planned for lesson
Was this review helpful to you?

Name and school withheld.

Good session
Was this review helpful to you?

Name and school withheld.

Did this on a 1-1 and it was really good
Was this review helpful to you?

Name and school withheld.

Greatly appreciated this resource that contains all the facts and information I needed for this topic. I altered them slightly to suit our pupils.
Was this review helpful to you?

An excellant resource which encouraged communcation within the group
Was this review helpful to you?

It is a shame you only get little bit of information when planning for lessons. I personally would not buy resources.
Was this review helpful to you?

I have used this for years 8,9,10 and found it very suitable as ours is a 'special' school for EBD, most pupils have very short attention span. The wording and diagrams appeal to the puils in all age ranges.
Was this review helpful to you?

Marion Lester

Too many drugs resources try to moralise, and that just won't wash with kids today especially at KS4. This has become my core drugs resource because it treats the students as intelligent beings capable of making their own decisions if suitably informed.
Was this review helpful to you?

Teacher Testing Report

It looks at drugs from a different angle than usually explored and therefore challenges the pupils to consider a further aspect of this issue.
Was this review helpful to you?

By the expert panel

The breadth of areas covered is impressive and there are plenty of ideas to springboard different ways of approaching topics.
Was this review helpful to you?

Andy Brooke at Head of PSE

Photocopiable sheets are excellent as stimulus for discussion or as resource for pupils doing group work.
Was this review helpful to you?