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Detention Tasks to Improve Behaviour

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3 KS4

Help your students improve their behaviour in school and encourage students to examine the reasons behind their misdemeanours. Constructive, thought-provoking detention work for KS3 and KS4 students. Illustration-focused school detention activities and tasks, for individual rather than group use, are particularly suitable for lower abilities. Alternative and appropriate school behaviour is explored. Parents are invited to comment on work done during the school detention period.

Subjects include: Disruptive behaviour; Racism; Sexism; Bullying; Time-keeping; Not doing homework; Abusive Behaviour; Fighting; Swearing.

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Size: 64 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 350 8
Author(s): Chris Ireson
Code: DTIB
Popularity rank: 16
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Contents List


Abusive behaviour towards school staff

  • 7 THE RESULTS OF RUDENESS This detention lesson helps students consider the consequences of being rude to teachers.
  • 9 TO THE BACK OF THE QUEUE! This lesson plan is aimed at students who have been rude to canteen staff. Students will learn that their abusive behaviour usually results in others having a negative attitude towards them.
  • 11 BE POLITE! This school detention worksheet demonstrates that rudeness is likely to provoke a negative response in others.

Misbehaviour on school buses

  • 13 BUS BEHAVIOUR This detention worksheet warns of the dangers of misbehaving on buses.


  • 15 BULLYING IS NO JOKE This worksheet shows students that bullying is taken very seriously in school.
  • 17 NOBODY LIKES BULLIES Students consider how bullying will make them unpopular.
  • 19 BULLIES LOSE MORE THAN FRIENDS... This worksheet concentrates on verbal bullying in the workplace and brings home the fact to students that bullying is not acceptable outside school either.

Damaging school equipment

  • 21 HACKER'S HORROR This worksheet is aimed at students who have damaged computer equipment and teaches them that damaging school property is detrimental to everyone.
  • 23 RUINING THINGS This detention lesson plan aims to explain that damaged resources cost money that could be spent more effectively on other school facilities or activities.
  • 25 PAYING THE PRICE This lesson plan is aimed at students who have damaged school property - and will have to pay for it.
  • 27 DANGEROUS DAMAGE Students consider how damaging equipment can be dangerous.

Disruptive classroom behaviour

  • 29 CLASS CLOWN Students consider how disruptive behaviour can stop them and others from learning.
  • 31 LOSING OUT This page aims to show students how disruptive behaviour may lead to them being excluded from activities.


  • 33 VIOLENCE DOESN'T HELP Students on detention for fighting or violent behaviour will learn that violence does not solve problems, but makes the situation worse.
  • 35 FIGHTERS LOSE FRIENDS Students consider how their friends will react to violent behaviour and come to realise the negative impact that fighting can have on their lives.

Incomplete homework

  • 37 WASTING HOMEWORK TIME This worksheet makes students consider how failing to complete homework leads to them losing their free time.
  • 39 RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LEARNING Students consider how leaving homework incomplete will damage their grades.

Incomplete classwork

  • 41 HARD WORK GETS RESULTS Students will learn that failure to complete work or concentrate in class will damage their exam chances.


  • 43 TIME MATTERS This lesson plan is aimed at students on detention for persistent lateness or time-wasting and makes students consider how they lose their free time by being late for lessons.
  • 45 TOO LATE This worksheet focuses on habitual lateness in arriving at school and shows students how punctuality is expected in the world of work.


  • 47 STAMPING OUT RACISM This worksheet aims to show students that racism is not tolerated in school, either by staff or by other students.
  • 49 GETTING RID OF RACISTS Students will learn that racism is not tolerated by employers.


  • 51 RESPECT FOR ALL Students on detention for sexist or demeaning behaviour learn that you should treat people fairly, regardless of whether they are male or female.
  • 53 BAD ATTITUDES Students on detention for sexist behaviour (especially in the area of sexual innuendoes or harassment) learn that sexism is not tolerated in school.


  • 55 MIND YOUR LANGUAGE! This lesson plan shows students that swearing is offensive and that it can get them into trouble.
  • 57 SWEARING GETS YOU NOWHERE Students who have deliberately sworn at staff consider how swearing can make situations more difficult for them.


  • 59 BEAT SMOKING NOW! Students on detention in school for smoking are asked to consider the reasons why people smoke, and learn that it is better to give up smoking at an early stage than to be faced with trying to give up later in life.


  • 61 LOSING TRACK Students on detention for truancy consider the consequences of staying away from school.


  • 63 Letter to student's parent or carer.
  • 64 Guidelines on detention laws and regulations.
  • 65 Guidelines on detention laws and regulations (continued).



Name and school withheld.

Sadly, although some of the tasks are useful, the publication is very out of date and does not cover key issues in modern schools relating to such things as technology misuse, as so forth.
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Excellent ideas
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Name and school withheld.

A superb time saving resource that works extremely well. Thank you.
Was this review helpful to you?

Does what it says on the tin. I run a small group of persistent lateness and these resources really help get my point across.
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Excellent resources that can be applied to all levels
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Useful and accessible resources for all abilities.
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Name and school withheld.

Used 4 different task on the day of receiving, can we have some more please!!?
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Chalkface does a pack of photocopiable sheets covering being rude to staff, bullying, etc etc that might be what you are looking for. I read some good reports on them.
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angry jedi in TES Staffroom

<P>I've started using a resource from called "Detention Tasks to Improve Behaviour" - quite expensive but I feel it will pay for itself if it works as well as it has done. <P>Basically it's a book of worksheets related to every common misdemeanour in school you can think of, with proper "teacher notes" and everything. Most of them are pretty self-contained and easy for the kids to work on. I had my first group of detainees using them last night and they said it did get them thinking, and sure enough, they sat in silence while they were completing the sheet. Basically it gets them to think about what they've done and leads them to the realisation that what they're doing is affecting other people adversely too. <P>I think it's a really good idea - to "teach" them to behave. Plus it saves messing up my classroom just for kids in detention to tidy up :)
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HezWad, posting in TES Staffroom

There are some good cartoons and kids always look taken aback when given a specific task to do on arrival at a DT for behaviour, they have to reflect on the situation (pick one close to their own) answer questions and then I post it home to mum or dad to review! [It] makes them think twice next time!!! when they get caught out for forging someones signature on the dt slip!!!
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