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Pupil Mentoring

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Age Range: KS4

One-to-one mentoring is the most valuable gift a tutor can give any student, but it presents a problem: how to occupy the other students in the class. These mentoring resources provide templates to help you structure student mentoring, through both photocopiable worksheets and extensive lesson plans. Equally importantly, they contain relevant, meaningful activities to occupy the rest of the class. A must-have for anyone mentoring students. Suitable for Key Stage 4 students of mixed ability.

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Size: 70 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 301 0
Author(s): Joan Barton
Code: PUME
Popularity rank: 37

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Contents List


  • 5 GENERAL GUIDELINES Important guidance on how to get the most out of these mentoring teaching resources and mentoring lessons.

Term One - Setting The Scene

  • 11 SETTING THE SCENE - Record Sheet This is used by students to review their progress through the rest of the pages in this section.
  • 13 HOW MENTORING HELPS This worksheet introduces students to what mentoring is, the processes it involves and how it can help them.
  • 15 PREPARATION This lesson plan helps students recognise their positive achievements in and out of school, decide on areas for improvement and practise goal-setting skills.
  • 17 HELP ME STUDY! Students look at the effectiveness of their study habits and at how to improve them.
  • 19 TAKING CHARGE OF MY ACTIONS Directs students to develop skills to take responsibility for their actions.
  • 21 MIXED FEELINGS This worksheet encourages students to consider how relationships can have an effect on their studies.
  • 23 TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF Looks at the elements of a healthy lifestyle and its benefits to performance.

Term Two - Get Into Action

  • 25 GET INTO ACTION - Record Sheet This is used by students to review their progress through the rest of the pages in this section.
  • 27 BETWEEN THE LINES... Students identify reasons for efficient information accessing and handling.
  • 29 JUST DREAMING Helps students to develop realistic ideas about their futures.
  • 31 I'M NOT A CHILD! Students explore responsible attitudes to their behaviour, especially in conflict situations.
  • 33 PROBLEM PAGE This lesson plan helps students look at study problems and develop strategies to overcome them.
  • 35 MANAGING RELATIONSHIPS Encourages students to develop responsible attitudes towards relationships with the opposite sex.
  • 37 CLOSE-UP CONFIDENCE Helps students look at issues of personal hygiene and how these can affect performance.

Term Three - Manage Yourself

  • 39 MANAGE YOURSELF - Record Sheet This is used by students to review their progress through the rest of the pages in this section.
  • 41 MANAGING PEER PRESSURE Helps students look at the effects of getting involved with illegal activities.
  • 43 PERSONAL PRESENTATION Helps students to recognise and use presentation skills effectively.
  • 45 ROOM TO REVISE Encourages students to decide on the best conditions for studying for examinations.
  • 47 KEEPING YOUR COOL Looks at how students can develop effective skills for relating to other people.
  • 49 TOMORROW, TOMORROW Focuses students on to the need to develop time management skills.
  • 51 MY FACTS ON FILE Provides guidance for students on how to manage and identify uses for information about themselves.

Term Four - Achieving Your Goals

  • 53 ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS This is is used by students to review their - Record Sheet progress through the rest of the pages in this section.
  • 55 COPING WITH CHANGE Provides guidance for students to consider how to manage future life changes.
  • 57 INTERVIEW SNAKES AND LADDERS Helps students to investigate interview skills.
  • 59 PREPARE FOR EXAMINATIONS This lesson plan looks at how to develop scheduling skills in preparation for examinations.
  • 61 ADULT ROLES Students are encouraged to consider their roles now and to come in later life.
  • 63 IT'S ALL SO DIFFERENT! This worksheet helps students to look at how they respond to new situations.
  • 65 YOUR ACTION PLAN Provides guidance for students to draw up their Action Plans.


  • 66 APPENDIX 1 Student Evaluation of Mentoring.
  • 68-69 APPENDIX 3 & 4 Time Charts 1 and 2.
  • 70 APPENDIX 5 Mentoring Issues Chart (blank).