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Vocational A Level in Business: Communication Level 3

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Age Range: KS4+

Through a mix of classroom discussion and practical activities, students reinforce all the key business communication skills. Each lesson is designed to contribute to the student's portfolio of evidence. At the back of the pack is a core projects section which is common to all packs which cover Vocational A Level Key Skills in Communication.

Topics include: Human Resources; Internal Staffing; Contracts; Job Description; Short-Listing; Interviewee Skills; Motivation; Training and Appraisal.

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Size: 70 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 193 1
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Contents List


  • 9 HUMAN RESOURCES Introduces students to the subject of human resources, first through defining the terminology and then through a poster designing activity
  • 11 LABOUR MARKET Enables students to write formal reports and memos from given information
  • 13 INTERNAL STAFFING Students consider the internal factors a company needs to be aware of when assessing its staffing requirements
  • 15 IT'S A RIGHT Introduces students, through research, presentation and analysis activities, to employment laws
  • 17 CONTRACTS Students discuss the purpose of a formal contract of employment and then plan and design their own
  • 19 THE END Students investigate how and for what reasons contracts of employment are terminated
  • 21 FLEXIBLE FIRM Students research and produce a brochure using the framework of the flexible firm
  • 23 STAFF Students explore why careful and fair recruitment is necessary
  • 25 ALTERNATIVES Raises students' awareness of the alternatives to recruiting new staff
  • 27 JOB DESCRIPTION Helps students understand the idea of job descriptions through a practical activity
  • 29 SPECIFICATION Students learn how to develop job descriptions in personnel specifications
  • 31 RECRUITMENT Students investigate the full range of recruitment methods available to firms
  • 33 SHORT-LISTING Students learn about short-listing through the creation of a tips leaflet
  • 35 SELECTION Gives students an introduction to the diverse range of methods used in selection
  • 37 INTERVIEWER SKILLS Develops students' interviewing skills, with the emphasis on the role of the interviewer
  • 39 INTERVIEWEE SKILLS Students develop interviewee skills through roleplay
  • 41 MOTIVATION Students produce an extended report on motivation, using relevant research and preparation materials
  • 43 BENEFITS Students investigate the use of fringe benefits and performance-related pay as methods of motivation
  • 45 TRAINING Students consider the purpose and forms of training, using extraction, analysis and presentation activities
  • 47 APPRAISAL Enables students to understand aspects of performance appraisal by attempting this themselves

Additional Resources: Online Assessment

Preview tests forBusiness Communication andRecruitment and Selection delivered via our Yacapaca assessment system.

These tests are part of a larger assessment resource which can be foundhere.



Name and school withheld.

I found this very useful as a basic introduction to business studies. Worked well with those unfamiliar with the A Level system.
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