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Vocational A Level in Business: Information Technology Level 3

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS4+

Provides practical ICT activities related specifically to the Vocational A level in Business. Well structured Teachers Notes allow the non-business teacher to conduct a productive lesson that Business students will find relevant to their studies.

Topics include: Creating advertising; Using a log sheet; Manipulating data; The Data Protection Act; Researching business information; Presentation techniques.

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Size: 70 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 194 8
Code: VAIB
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Contents List


  • 9 LOG IT Students develop their own log sheets to monitor their use of IT and the problems they encounter.
  • 11 SAFE OR NOT? Students learn health and safety regulations and carry out a risk assessment of their own computer use.
  • 13 MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN Students develop design and presentation skills through preparing business stationery for a company.
  • 15 MULTI PURPOSE Students find appropriate clipart and use it in a DTP document with a specific purpose.
  • 17 MAILSHOT Students learn to use mail-merge with a database to create personalised letters for a mass mailing.
  • 19 ON THE NET Students practise using e-mail facilities on the Internet.
  • 21 ALL CHANGE Students learn the importance of presenting information in different ways for different audiences.
  • 23 ORDER, ORDER! Shows how a database can be used to store data and produce reports.
  • 25 INVOICES Students look at how to produce invoices from a database.
  • 27 MORE ORDERS Students learn the basic structure of a relational database.
  • 29 ON THE RECORD Students research business information on the Internet and CD-ROM.
  • 31 CONFIRMATION Students develop cutting and pasting techniques.
  • 33 CASH FLOW Students learn to use a spreadsheet to calculate cash flow.
  • 35 STOCK FLOW Students transfer data between a database and a spreadsheet.
  • 37 TRENDY Explores how to manipulate data in spreadsheets.
  • 39 TAKE PRECAUTIONS Focuses on the need to back up work regularly.
  • 41 VIRUS! Students consider computer viruses, and how to guard against them.
  • 43 DATA PROTECTION ACT Students learn about the act through designing a leaflet.
  • 45 IS IT EFFECTIVE? Students evaluate the use of IT within their course (Homework sheet).
  • 47 WRITE YOUR IT REPORT Students create a course report.

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