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Looking Forward to Careers and Choices

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Age Range: KS4

These lessons enable students to develop skills, investigate opportunities and implement career plans. Year-group sections, with a variety of teaching and learning styles, are designed to equip students with transferable skills and increase their chances of employment on leaving school.

Topics include: Progression routes to jobs; Matching skills to jobs; Occupational areas; Behaviour expectations at work; Decision-making through risk evaluation.

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Size: 73 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 272 3
Author(s): Joan Barton
Code: LFCC
Popularity rank: 284

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Contents List



  • 11 PARTY! PARTY! Students think about how they make choices.
  • 13 PART OF THE TEAM Exploring the skills needed when working with other people.
  • 15 ASK A FRIEND Students assess and present their skills, qualities and abilities.
  • 17 JOB FAMILIES Students look closely at information about jobs, learning that jobs can be grouped into job families.
  • 19 NOW AND THEN Students consider how work is changing.
  • 21 TOOLS FOR THE JOB To help students explore the knowledge and skills people need in work, and how these might be applied to a range of jobs.
  • 23 DECISIONS, DECISIONS Students practise the skills of decision-making and focus on the consequences of decisions.
  • 25 THE RIGHT BALANCE Students identify and weigh up the positive and negative aspects of a job that they find appealing.
  • 27 WHO INFLUENCES YOU? This exercise leads students to identify and appreciate various sources of help and information.


  • 33 QUALITIES WORDSEARCH Students identify their personal qualities.
  • 35 TARGET YOUR FUTURE To help students consider the different aspects of career choice. (See Appendix, page 63).
  • 37 ADVERTISE YOURSELF Students match up different jobs with the skills and qualities required. They go on to discover how they can use their skills/qualities to 'sell' themselves. (See Appendix, pages 64 & 65).
  • 39 INFORMATION JUNGLE Students consider the information they need to help them with their future planning. (See Appendix, pages 66 & 67).
  • 41 IS WORK DIFFERENT? Students investigate the nature of 'work' and discover how it differs from school.
  • 43 CHIPS WITH EVERYTHING Considering ways in which new technology could affect work in the future.
  • 45 WHAT DO I DO? Students discover what people have to be able do in their jobs.
  • 47 ROUTE PLANNING To help students make decisions about the future.
  • 49 GETTING BETTER Students identify areas where they can develop and devise strategies for self-improvement.
  • 51 WHO CAN HELP ME? To help students develop a clear understanding of the sources of help and information available to them.
  • 53 WHAT CAN I TELL YOU? Students draw up questions to ask people about what they need to do their jobs.
  • 55 WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU? To help students clarify their values, attitudes and preferences in relation to work.
  • 57 RISKS AND CONSEQUENCES Students consider how different methods of decision-making can affect choices through risk and consequence analysis.
  • 59 A SUITABLE JOB? To help students look at what people have to be good at to do their jobs - and how this can be assessed.
  • 61 YOU SAID WHAT? Students discover some effects that behaviour can have in the workplace.
  • 63 SORT YOURSELF OUT Students are encouraged to organise information about careers.
  • 65 NEXT STEPS AT 16 Students study some of the advantages and disadvantages of the choices available to them.
  • 67 AIM FOR THE FUTURE Students investigate specific career areas.
  • 69 MY ROLL OF HONOUR To allow students to reflect on their positive achievements, and to continue the careers action planning process.

Appendix pages

  • 73 Target template for TARGET YOUR FUTURE
  • 74 'Jobs' words for use with ADVERTISE YOURSELF
  • 75 'Skills and Qualities' words for use with ADVERTISE YOURSELF
  • 76 Questions for game on INFORMATION JUNGLE
  • 77 Game board to be enlarged to A3 for INFORMATION JUNGLE
  • 78 Useful websites



Tracy Murphy at Newscheck

I particularly like the Key Stage 3 activities. It is one of a very small number of resources which even begin to tackle issues within Key Stage 3.
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Tracy Murphy at Newscheck

The good thing about Chalkface is that they present information about issues of choice and transition in ways that ensure pupils are challenged and provoked in their thinking about careers.
Was this review helpful to you?

Tracy Murphy at Newscheck

This resource is a good starter for anyone wanting to establish a new careers education programme or just wanting to enhance and re-vamp an existing one.
Was this review helpful to you?