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Preparation and Follow-ups for Field Trips and Events

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Age Range: KS3 KS4

A school trip, or a whole-school event, can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds, and in some cases present an element of danger that requires risks be minimised. Students who have had good preparation for an event or trip will act with greater safety and will learn more during the event. And providing structured follow-ups help extract the maximum learning value from the experience.

These 15 modules contain structured activities to expand learning beyond the confines of the standard curriculum. Students develop and practice skills in preparation and planning, organisation, record-keeping, evaluation and assessment. The modules are process-based so they are easily adaptable to the specific situation of your school trip or event.

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Contents List


Module 1 Activities week

  • Pages 7-11 TEAM EFFORTS/KEEPING A RECORD/A PERFORMANCE This module aims to focus students' individual and diverse experiences during a typical Activities Week back into the curriculum. Following discussions to clarify the purpose of each activity, the module provides detailed ideas for evaluation and recording events. Students then pool their accounts to prepare and present a record of the week. (Key Stages 3 and 4, Years 7-11)

Module 2 Artists in residence

  • Pages 13-17 AN ARTIST IS..?/WHAT WE DID/THE VALUE OF ART Artists (from any art form) may visit school for a day, to support a particular project or performance, or be 'in residence' for a longer period of time. This module looks at ways of maximising pupil involvement with arts practitioners to enrich the curriculum. (Key Stages 3 and 4, Years 7-11)

Module 3 Science and technology events

  • Pages 19-23 NOT JUST ANORAKS/THE GREAT EGG CHALLENGE/THE DESIGN PROCESS The focus of this module is on broadening pupil enthusiasm for science by suggesting a series of practical 'fun' activities which are underpinned by solid scientific and technical skills. (Key Stage 4, Years 10-11)

Module 4 Experts in residence

  • Pages 25-29 LOCAL HEROES/MEET THE EXPERT/PASS IT ON This module looks at how outside groups and individuals can be involved in the curriculum to bring their expertise or viewpoints into the classroom. It suggests ways in which this involvement can be cross-curricula. (Key Stages 3 and 4, Years 7-11)

Module 5 A publishing venture

  • Pages 31-35 WORDS, WORDS, WORDS/INTO PRINT/THE FINISHED ARTICLE Not a school newspaper! Students use a local issue, event, a record of a project, or other starting point to structure a publishing venture supported by appropriate experts from the local media. (Key Stage 4, Years 10-11)

Module 6 Single issue

  • Pages 37-41 MULTIMEDIA/ICE-BREAKER/HOW DID IT GO? In this module, the skills of various departments are used to raise the consciousness of the whole-school community through a diverse range of activities that all focus onto one issue. (Key Stages 3 and 4, Years 7-11)


Module 7 Places of interest

  • Pages 43-47 WHAT'S A MUSEUM?/GRIMTHWAITE VILLAGE/OUR DAY OUT This module is designed to convey a lot of practical information to teachers about organising 'days out'. Pupils' activities centre on planning a trip to a heritage site. The work focuses on the process of a visit, and allows for the details of the actual visit planned to be easily incorporated into the work. (Key Stage 4, Years 10-11)

Module 8 Theatre and performance trips

  • Pages 49-53 LIVE ON STAGE/THE TRAFFIC LIGHT TEST/THE CRITIC How to get the most from visiting a professional production, or from a theatre in an education visit; and how to use the experience of one day or an evening to support further learning. (Key Stage 4, Years 10-11)

Module 9 Travel to a foreign country

  • Pages 55-59 ALL IN THE PICTURE?/UNDERSTANDING OTHERS/NEXT YEAR... How do we see a different culture, and how are we seen when we are in another country? Though light-hearted in some of its material for pupils, this module provides essential self-assessment activities for groups planning an overseas trip. It provides opportunities for groups to discuss their feelings towards what is often one of the most exciting, but daunting, experiences pupils have in their school life. Basic practical information is provided for staff and pupils and set in context. (Key Stages 3 and 4, Years 7-11)

Module 10 Open days for universities and industry

  • Pages 61-65 FIRST IMPRESSIONS/WHY COLLEGE?/WHAT DID WE LEARN? This module has two aims: to suggest how a visit to a university or company can be most effectively conducted, and to raise awareness among pupils about the choices these institutions can offer. (This module is designed for post-16 students, Years 12-13; but can be simplified for younger groups.)