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Becoming Responsible Citizens: Gender Issues

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

Examines gender issues in everyday lives and relationships. The pack begins by enabling students to examine how gender is constructed then trace the development of gender relationships through the ages. Activities encourage students to question traditional stereotypes, and encourage moral, spiritual and social development. Updated from: Talking About Gender.

Topics include: Risk-taking; Sport; Bullying; Fear of failure; Rites of passage; Stereotypes.

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Size: 67 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 470 3
Code: BRGI
Popularity rank: 302

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Contents List


  • 7 A GOOD SPORT? Students identify the qualities associated with successful sporting personalities.
  • 9 LEVEL PLAYING FIELDS? To consider whether media coverage of sporting events has a gender bias.
  • 11 BOY OR GIRL POWER? Investigates the reasons for gender imbalance in the music industry.
  • 13 TALK ABOUT WOMEN! Using a wordsearch activity to challenge male stereotyping of women.
  • 15 TALK ABOUT MEN! Using an 'Agony Uncle' activity to challenge female stereotyping of men.
  • 17 TAUGHT TO BEHAVE Looking at how people are conditioned to be masculine/feminine.
  • 19 NOT THE RULE How different eras and cultures value different types of masculinity/femininity.
  • 21 MEN ARE... This page encourages students to challenge typical stereotyping through poetry.
  • 23 MY HERO! Comparing the fictional portrayal of heroes and heroines with real life examples.
  • 25 SELLING PERFECTION Recognising the use and portrayal of image in advertising.
  • 27 SHIFTING IMAGE How advertisers reflect the changing cultural images of male and female roles.
  • 29 WHAT'S ON THE BOX? Analysing the cultural images of male and female roles in television 'soaps'.
  • 31 THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! Developing personal strengths irrespective of whether these attributes are considered typically masculine and/or typically feminine.
  • 33 BE POSITIVE! Considers the concept of self-esteem.
  • 35 ASSERT YOURSELF Using roleplay to practise and develop assertiveness skills.
  • 37 THUMBS UP, EYES DOWN Looking at the role of body language as a means of communication and using this knowledge to further develop assertiveness skills.
  • 39 RESPECT! Encouraging greater understanding, and to make more discerning observations, of others.
  • 41 FAIR PLAY? Investigating how stereotypes originate through play and how attitudes have progressed.
  • 43 BACK TO THE FUTURE? Exploring the effects of race, culture and social background on achievement.
  • 45 A JOB FOR LIFE? Using a statistical exercise to look at the changing patterns of work.
  • 47 THE ECONOMIC EFFECT How economic change affects gender roles at home and at work.
  • 49 IS SCHOOL IS COOL? Looking at the different attitudes to work and achievement in school.
  • 51 I DARE YOU! Raising awareness of different forms of risk-taking and the associated implications.
  • 53 DON'T BOTTLE IT UP! How different emotional responses can affect health and well-being.
  • 55 EMOTIONS Investigating different types of emotion and whether gender affects expression of feelings.
  • 57 ME, I AM... Celebrating individuality and uniqueness through poetry or prose.
  • 59 ONLY JOKING! Tackles the subject of 'verbal bullying' and the effect it can have on individuals.
  • 61 DOES SCREEN VIOLENCE HURT? Raising awareness of the prevalence of violence in daily life and questioning its possible effects through debate.
  • 63 GROWING UP Considers what it means to be an adult in our society and the rights and responsibilities associated with adulthood.
  • 65 CHANGE IT, RIGHT! Looks at the ways in which people can bring about change.



Andy Brooke at Head of PSE

A useful resource: a particularly effective means of challenging gender stereotype.
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Andy Brooke at Head of PSE

Many of the topics contained in this pack can be used with any age group, making it good value for money; additionally, no inflated costs, even in a large school because as usual photocopying is permitted.
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Andy Brooke at Head of PSE

"Becoming Responsible Citizens: Gender Issues" is quite accessible and could easily be utilised by the non-specialist.
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