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More Cover Lessons in KS3 ICT

Price: £35.00
Age Range: KS3

Ensure that your students continue relevant study whilst you are absent, and provide non-specialist teachers with the means to present a confident and interesting lesson. Self-contained PC (20) and classroom-based (8) worksheets, designed for students to tackle on an individual basis, require no preparation and are linked to ICT PoS.

Topics include: Graphics; Databases; Spreadsheets; Presentations; Web pages; Impact of ICT on society; Datalogging; Control.

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Size: 57 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 528 1
Author(s): Mark Leighton
Code: MCLI
Popularity rank: 89
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Contents List


  • 7 ON THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE Students design a magazine cover for a target group of teenagers.
  • 9 YOUR MAGAZINE ARTICLE Students prepare and write a feature for their magazine.
  • 11 THE MAGIC SQUARE A basic spreadsheet exercise that tests formulas and maths ability.
  • 13 MY CALCULATOR An exercise designed to test students' ability to write basic spreadsheet formulas.
  • 15 SHOPPING RECEIPT Students are asked to consider the role of ICT at the supermarket checkout.
  • 17 CHECK YOUR CHANGE! Students use their knowledge of spreadsheet formulas to recreate a till receipt.
  • 19 GETTING YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS A slide presentation/web page exercise for a specific audience.
  • 21 A FONT FOR EVERY OCCASION An appreciation of where we encounter different font styles.
  • 23 HOUSE FOR SALE The first of three lessons where students design the structure of a database for an estate agent.
  • 25 PROPERTIES 'R' US Students use the PC to create a database from their earlier design work.
  • 27 CAN WE HELP YOU? The final lesson of three, where students create utilities to interrogate their database.
  • 29 USING A SEARCH ENGINE Students learn to make informed decisions about how to use a search engine efficiently.
  • 31 OUR MAY FETE Students create a web page to advertise their school fete.
  • 33 THIS IS MY LIFE Students design and create a timeline to show significant events in their lives.
  • 35 COSTING A HOLIDAY The first of two worksheets which involve students in researching and costing a holiday to match specific requirements.
  • 37 PLANNING A HOLIDAY Students research information about the holiday destination and produce a summary report.
  • 39 BIAS ON THE INTERNET Students investigate two websites for evidence of bias, and create a classroom poster.
  • 41 WORD SEARCHING An exercise involving ICT keywords.
  • 43 A COMPUTER SYSTEM An investigation of the history of components of ICT systems.
  • 45 THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMPUTERS An exercise where students create a timeline for computer related inventions.
  • 47 HOME OF THE FUTURE Students study recent developments in computers in the home, and consider their effects.
  • 49 HEALTH & SAFETY Students design and create a poster to display good and bad practice when using a computer.
  • 51 THEME PARK Students are asked to design and create a visitors' map for an imaginary theme park.
  • 53 GIVING ORDERS The first of a series of worksheets with a theme of using precision in framing instructions.
  • 55 WRITING IN LOGO Students write basic logo statements to describe shapes accurately.
  • 57 FROM A TO B Students give each other directions through a street map.
  • 59 OUR SCHOOL HOMEPAGE An exercise in deciding the content for a school web page.
  • 61 WHAT'S IN A PICTURE? Students investigate file sizes for different graphics formats.


  • 62 APPENDIX 1: SOLUTIONS TO EXERCISES The Magic Square (for use with page 11).
  • 63 APPENDIX 1: SOLUTIONS TO EXERCISES Check Your Change! (for use with page 16).
  • 64 APPENDIX 1: SOLUTIONS TO EXERCISES Word Searching (for use with page 41).
  • 65 APPENDIX 2: POS COVERAGE Programmes of study coverage for all pages.



Mark Mills

Great stuff, but I think some of the screen shots need updating to more current versions of the software. Otherwise, very useful, especially for the new ICT teacher!!
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