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Emergency Cover Worksheets Set: Electronic Edition

Price: £95.00
Age Range: KS3

Time-tested cover lessons across ten subjects, that are also suitable for inclusion and can easily be adapted for individual work. Every lesson is designed to stringent criteria: it must be teachable by a non-specialist, without preparation or special materials. And it must provide opportunities for real learning.

Now, for the first time, we have pulled together all ten subjects into a single product that can be uploaded onto your school intranet for all departments to access. And, we have made it available at less than half the price of the same titles bought individually.


  1. Drama
  2. English
  3. Environmental Studies
  4. French
  5. History
  6. Maths
  7. Music
  8. Physical Education
  9. Religious Education
  10. Science

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Size: 310 pages
Author(s): Multiple authors
Code: ECWS
Popularity rank: 339

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Topics include: How to be a successful performer; Public speaking; Team working; Report and script writing; Storytelling; Set planning; Casting; Miming; Improvisation.


Topics include: Writing an article, a book, a conversation, an eye-witness account, instructions, a letter, a play, a story; Exploring emotions and sound through listening and writing; anagrams; Codes; Learning to remember;

Environmental Studies

Topics include: Housing; Shops; Markets; Farms; Public services; Balancing the eco-system; News coverage; Libraries; Places of worship; Entertainments; Rivers; Cars; Buses; Rail; Urban development; Bridges; The weather; Pollution.


Topics include: Time; Directions; Weather; Clothes; Questions and answers; Numbers; Food; Describing people, possessions and jobs; School; Sport; Matching words to pictures; Transport; Places; Shopping; Writing a letter; Opposites.


Topics include: Transport; 1066; The Middle Ages; Crime and Punishment; Explorers; Heraldry and Genealogy; North American Indians; Henry VIII; Oliver Cromwell; New World Settlers; The Plague and The Great Fire; Music through history; Flags; Georgian Costume; Football history; Inventions; 20th Century Germany; Monuments.


Topics include: Number puzzles; Money; Time; Weights and measures; Charts and graphs; Using co-ordinates; Working with shape and scale; Distance; Averages; Fractions.


Topics include: Musical instruments; Pop and classical music and musicians; Musicals; Music magazines, styles, soundtracks; Nursery rhymes; Background music; Design an instrument; Start a fan club; Composition; Improvisation.

Physical Education

Topics include: Sporting achievements; Facilities for sport; Bat and ball games; Throwing and catching; Running and walking; Orienteering; Fair play; Kit and equipment; A sporting life; Safety in sport; Sports commentary; Fitness assessment and performance; Coaching skills; Working as a team; Special needs in sport.

Religious Education

Topics include:What is religion?; What is God?; Religious 'superstars'; Holy books; What do I believe?; Exploring death; World faiths; Christian denominations; Religious customs; National customs and the Church.


Topics include: Characteristics and uses of water; Physical features in sport; Teeth; The eye; Fingerprints; Skulls; Microbes; Evolution; Conservation; The atmosphere; Air; pH scale; Plastics; Reflection; Mass; Time; Sound; Friction; Light and colour; Temperature.