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Cover Lessons in Food and Textiles

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

This set of stand-alone lessons can be taught by non-specialists with no preparation. Built-in assessment and links to the NC's Programmes of Study for D&T ensure each lessons value and relevance.

Topics include: Using flow charts to help with making scones; Identifying parts of a modern cooker; Finding out about marketing techniques; Designing a corporate uniform; Examining types of fastenings; Comparing clothes past and present.

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Size: 60 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 244 0
Code: CLFT
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Contents List


Food Year 7

  • 7 HYGIENE ALERT - raising awareness of hygiene through examples of poor practice
  • 9 TOOLS AND TASKS - identifying pieces of kitchen equipment and their uses
  • 11 WATCH OUT! - potentially dangerous situations in a food room
  • 13 GO WITH THE FLOW - the importance of method in food preparation
  • 15 SCHOOL MEALS - students design a questionnaire about the available choices
  • 17 MENU CARDS - different styles of menu presentation

Textiles Year 7

  • 19 SAFETY FIRST - the importance of safety in a textile room
  • 21 SMALL AND USEFUL - identifying small pieces of textile equipment and their uses
  • 23 CLOTHES CARE - washing and care instructions on clothing

Food Year 8

  • 25 USE YOUR LOAF - using different breads for snacks and meals
  • 27 SPICE RACK - raising awareness of the uses of herbs and spices
  • 29 COOKER CONTRASTS - comparing old- and new-style cookers and their uses
  • 31 WRAP IT UP - looking at the ingredients of pastry, and using pastry
  • 33 MUFFIN MENUS - focusing on the purpose of flavouring
  • 35 GOOD TIMING - the importance of timing when following a recipe

Textiles Year 8

  • 37 CUSHIONS - highlighting economic use of material
  • 39 FASTEN UP - using different types of fasteners
  • 41 ON THE BLOCK - a design activity using the technique of block printing
  • 43 HOW MUCH? - focusing on the cost and suitability of different materials for a variety of garments

Food Year 9

  • 45 PICNIC - the importance of wrapping and storing food correctly
  • 47 RECYCLING - categorising rubbish into recycling groups
  • 49 PLAY IT COOL - basic rules for storing food in a fridge
  • 51 RICE FILE - different types of rice and their uses
  • 53 SNACK ATTACK - students create a range of recipes for school snacks
  • 55 OPEN AIR - planning meals for particular occasions

Textiles Year 9

  • 57 THEN AND NOW - comparing the clothes of the past and the present
  • 59 COVER UP - the importance of protective clothing at work
  • 61 DESIGN BRIEF - design activity centred on creating a corporate uniform



Ideal for use in unknown schools. Appropriate for age year. Clear and engaging tasks.
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Name and school withheld.

Thank you for this, was a really resource to have in my 'tool kit'. Feel more able to take on the challenge of supply in these areas now.
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Helen Wilson at DATA Journal

Ideal for non-specialiast cover staff
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Helen Wilson at DATA Journal

I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to review this book and add it to my resources!
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