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Exploring Materials KS3: Food

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Age Range: KS3

Updated from: Food Activities Key Stage 3. Develops students' knowledge of nutrition and skills in food health and safety through imaginative activities which support elements of NC PoS. Eight sections include DMAs (one per year) and the use of ICT. A tracking sheet cross-references pages to the relevant PoS.

Comprises: 3 design and make activities; 3 product analyses with supporting ICT sheets; 6 materials and components; 2 systems and control; 2 structures; 4 health and safety; 4 quality control activities.

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Size: 67 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 475 8
Code: EM3F
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Contents List


Materials and Components

  • 7 ZIPPED-UP MASH Processing a basic material - potatoes.
  • 9 A LIGHT TOUCH Demonstrating the effects of gluten.
  • 11 A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR Testing the effects of sugar.
  • 13 THE PERFECT FINISH Making pastry tasty and attractive.
  • 15 CHOCOLATE TREATS Design and make chocolate treats.
  • 17 SAUCY POTATOES Adapting a sauce recipe to enhance a basic dish.

Systems and Control

  • 19 MAKING A SANDWICH Systems for sandwich making.
  • 21 ALL WASHED UP The best sequence, with emphasis on quality.
  • 23 CENTRAL EATING Safety points for reheating foods.


  • 25 CHILL OUT! Investigating how food structure changes with the state of frozen and thawed foods.
  • 27 SHAPE CHANGERS Changes during heating food - popcorn.
  • 29 WILD RICE Cereal foods, and how foods absorb moisture.

Health and Safety

  • 31 THE SUSPECT KITCHEN Identifying dangers in the kitchen and setting up a practical hazard zone.
  • 33 HAVE A TASTE! Learning to taste food hygienically.
  • 35 EAT SAFE - KEEP WELL Identifying food poisoning situations in the kitchen.
  • 37 GIMMICKS & GADGETS Evaluating domestic kitchen equipment for efficiency and speed.


  • 39 APPLE TURNOVERS Problems encountered when making a batch of identical products; quality control.
  • 41 THAT TAKES THE BISCUIT Trying to make a batch weighing equal amounts; quality control.
  • 43 PIPING Practising decorating food and icing cakes.
  • 45 PIZZA EXPRESSION Quality of design and quality of manufacture.

Design and Make Activities (DMAs)

  • 47 CAKES FOR KIDS (Yr 7) One-off production for a special occasion.
  • 49 A SNACK FOR TEATIME (Yr 8) Designing a healthy snack for a teenager.
  • 51 NATURALLY SWEET (Yr 9) Considering the needs of diabetics.

Product Analysis

  • 53 OODLES OF NOODLES (Yr 7) Comparison of a fast, ready-made snack with a home-made one, for quality and health.
  • 55 BREAKFAST ON THE RUN (Yr 8) Analysis of breakfast eating habits.
  • 57 SIZZLING SAUSAGES (Yr 9) The vegetarian debate, using a basic food.

Information Technology

  • 59 A LA CARD MENU (Yr 7) Using ICT, students design a recipe card.
  • 61 BAKER'S DOZENS (Yr 8) Scaling up scone recipes, using ICT.
  • 63 BARGAIN HUNTING (Yr 9) Setting up a database to compare prices at different shops.


  • 64 EVALUATION USING Useful word bank for describing foods THE FIVE SENSES (helpful for lower ability students).