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Shakespeare Survival Pack ... Merchant of Venice

Price: £35.00
Age Range: KS4

Introduce your students to this pack from our best-selling Survival series and watch their enthusiasm soar. Arranged in four sections focusing on language, character analysis, general themes and particular scenes, the worksheets develop an understanding of the play in a cultural and historical context.

Topics include: Main and sub plots; Introduction to characters and roles; Background information; Motives; Prejudice; Love and hate; Marriage; Analysis of main characters; Key language elements; Audience reaction; Language analysis; Interpretation.

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Size: 78 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 397 3
Author(s): Shaun McCarthy
Code: SHMV
Popularity rank: 376

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Contents List


  • 11 Moral Dilemmas Students think about key ideas in the play
  • 13 The Players and the Play Introduces characters and key elements of the play
  • 15 Act 1: Venice Sets the scene for the drama of the play
  • 17 Act 1: What's Gone on Already? Looks at the background to the play
  • 19 Act 2: Changing the Scene Looks at the structure of the act
  • 21 Act 2: Shylock and Revenge Considers what motives drive Shylock
  • 23 Act 3: Venice, Belmont and the Law Looks at 'obeying rules' in the plot
  • 25 Act 3: The Villainy You Teach me Looks at how Shylock is a product of abuse
  • 27 Act 4: Jewish Banker in Trial Shock Looks at the 'key' scene - Act 4, scene 1
  • 29 Act 4: Courtroom Drama Explores the theme of prejudice in the trial
  • 31 Act 5: Love Conquers All? Looks at how the Jewish characters fade out
  • 33 Act 5: A Happy Ending? Are Bassanio and Portia a perfect couple?


  • 39 Themes An introduction to the themes
  • 41 Prejudice Focuses on the courtroom scene
  • 43 Revenge Students investigate all strands of the theme
  • 45 Bonds Between People Looks at friendship, love and hate
  • 47 Law Versus Justice Looks at the dramatic conflict in the play
  • 49 Marriage Looks at marriage as a dramatic theme


  • 55 Shylock Activities to encourage character analysis
  • 57 Antonio Activities to encourage character analysis
  • 59 Bassanio Activities to encourage character analysis
  • 61 Portia Activities to encourage character analysis
  • 63 Nerissa and Lancelot Activities to encourage character analysis
  • 65 Lorenzo and Jessica Activities to encourage character analysis
  • 67 Suitors and Friends Activities to encourage character analysis


  • 73 Prose and Poetry Looks at key language elements
  • 75 Shakespeare's Audience Audience's reactions to play
  • 77 Love and Hate Language search and analysis
  • 79 A Modern Version Ideas for interpretive staging


  • 84 APPENDIX 1 Useful websites
  • 85 APPENDIX 2 Useful quotes
  • 86 APPENDIX 3 Synopsis of the story
  • 87 APPENDIX 4 Discussion questions
  • 88 APPENDIX 5 Characters - quick sketches
  • 89 APPENDIX 6 Writing frame for Venice, Belmont and the Law (for use with page 23)