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Decision Making in Geography

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

Encourage students to carefully think-through geographical issues and problems at Key Stage 3. By working through geography decision making processes individually and in groups, KS3 students gain confidence in making their own decisions. A strongly process-based and student-centric worksheet resource with clear, well-timed lesson plans.

Topics include: Making decisions on bypass construction; Factory location; Supermarket location; Coping with natural disasters; Farming; Quarrying; Overfishing and pollution.

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Size: 66 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 251 8
Author(s): Steve Warner
Code: DMGE
Popularity rank: 165
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Contents List



  • 7 MIGRATE OR STAY? Thought-provoking worksheet that explores the reasons behind human migration, and the pros and cons of various types of move.
  • 9 BUILD A BY-PASS This worksheet explores the issues raised in by-pass construction, from the point of view of local residents and traffic planners.
  • 11 NEW NEW TOWN Students consider elements that go to make up a successful town, and incorporate these into their own designs of towns for the 21st Century.
  • 13 SHANTY TOWN 1 In the first of a pair of worksheets on this topic, students discover what life in a shanty town is like.
  • 15 SHANTY TOWN 2 Following on from the previous worksheet, students devise strategies for improving the quality of life in shanty towns.
  • 17 THE TOURIST TRADE Students consider different popular holiday destinations in Europe, and find out what each has to offer.
  • 19 AMERICA A stimulating lesson plan in which students consider their preconceptions about the USA and how these match up with travel promotions - and reality.
  • 21 WELL SETTLED Students explore the rationale behind early human choice of settlement sites and apply their understanding to a practical exercise.
  • 23 PONCHOS FOR BARBIE! An entertaining lesson in which students discover for themselves the advantages of specialisation in manufacturing as they endeavour to create efficient production lines.
  • 25 INNER CITY BLUES What is urban regeneration? Which areas are in need of it? How can it be brought about successfully?
  • 27 TRADE CHALLENGE Another thoroughly enjoyable lesson plan which makes the point through game-playing that a nation's level of development profoundly affects its ability to trade.
  • 29 INDUSTRIAL LOCATION Students consider factors that influence factory location, and then put their understanding to work in a practical exercise.


  • 31 COASTAL MANAGEMENT This worksheet explores the problems of coastal erosion and looks at the various solutions available.
  • 33 EARTHQUAKE! What happens when there is an earthquake? What are its effects? How do people respond?
  • 35 TAKE THE WEATHER This worksheet examines how different types of weather affect different groups of people in very different ways.
  • 37 ON THE FARM This worksheet looks at different types of farming and how each approach requires different resources and generates a different level of income.
  • 39 IN NATIONAL PARKS Thought-provoking worksheet exploring the fact that National Parks have become victims of their own success, with tourism causing problems.
  • 41 THE WATER CYCLE This worksheet explores the nature of the water cycle, and how human activity can influence it.
  • 43 COASTAL EROSION Students discover the process by which a headland erodes into stacks and arches.
  • 45 VOLCANIC ERUPTION In this thought-provoking lesson plan, students gain an understanding of the magnitude and effects of volcanic eruptions.
  • 47 DEFORESTATION IN THE AMAZON This worksheet introduces the causes of deforestation and the many effects it can have.


  • 49 TOURIST POLLUTION A stimulating look at the negative impacts tourism can have on a variety of natural habitats.
  • 51 RECYCLE THIS! How much of our household waste do we recycle? How much of it could we recycle? Students devise practical schemes to improve recycling in school and at home.
  • 53 INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION This lesson plan examines some of the many forms of industrial pollution that exist, and the impact they can have.
  • 55 OPEN-CAST DEVELOPMENT An interesting worksheet that gets students to consider the development options for a former open-cast mining site.
  • 57 ORGANIC VERSUS CHEMICAL FARMING Defines these two types of farming, and highlights the differences (and similarities) between them.
  • 59 EXPANDING ESTATES This worksheet explores different types of housing development, with students encouraged to argue the merits of each type.
  • 61 SHOPPING ENQUIRY Students devise an investigation into the use of a local shopping centre. This can be extended to include a fieldwork visit and analysis of the data collected.
  • 63 DESERTIFICATION This worksheet looks at the causes of desertification, the problems it causes and remedies to prevent it.
  • 65 IN TOWN Students take part in a practical exercise to examine the feasibility of a new fast food outlet in their local town.

Additional Resources: Online Assessment

Preview tests forDevelopment andCoasts delivered via our Yacapaca assessment system.

These tests are part of a larger assessment resource which can be foundhere.



Ian Grove-Stephensen at Chalkface Project

I downloaded this to help my own children during the lockdown. It is a great resource for helping students to really think.
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Anna Gunby at Geographical Association

....finds a welcome place in the resource cupboard, and not only to be resorted to on rainy afternoons!
Was this review helpful to you?

Anna Gunby at Geographical Association

30 sheets covering an impressive range of topics... offers good value for this kind of pack.
Was this review helpful to you?