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ICT Across the Curriculum

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How get your less computer-comfortable colleagues to start using ICT in their own subjects? This 8-subject bundle introduces an excellent variety of exercises in subject-relevant contexts. And it does so in a format every teacher is comfortable with - well-illustrated worksheets with comprehensive lesson plans.

Each subject pack contains 10 worksheets at KS3 and 10 at KS4, and also provides extra worksheets on using the Internet for research, a 20-page section of general ICT support for students and a section of teachers' support notes on delivering and applying ICT.

For full contents of each individual title, follow the links below. They can be bought individually, but cost 60% more in that format.

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Size: 8 titles
Author(s): Multiple authors
Code: ICTA
Popularity rank: 9
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Name and school withheld.

The sample I viewed was quite out of date - and much of it looks like ICT cover lessons I bought about 15 years ago... I do not think that it is worth the money. I would have expected more Web 2.0 material...
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