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Adding Value in English 3

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

Year 7 intake students ready for Secondary English? Bring them up to speed in English and monitor their progress using the built-in assessment in this resource. This is the third in a set of three packs designed for each term of the foundation year (See also Adding Value in English and Adding Value in English 2).

Topics include: American English; Editing; Moral stories; Writing to persuade; Selecting and organising information; Word origins; Library skills.

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Size: 60 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 288 4
Author(s): Becky Green
Code: AVE3
Popularity rank: 331

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Contents List


  • 7 ASK AND ANSWER Interview techniques.
  • 9 A BEE SEES Humourous wordplay.
  • 11 SWEET AS CANDY? Students use American English.
  • 13 TO THE RESCUE Students give clear instructions.
  • 15 SNOWED UNDER? Idiomatic expressions.
  • 17 MOUSE-MAT DINGBAT Poems, using technological vocabulary.
  • 19 MINI-STORIES Students cut down a story to 80 words.
  • 21 ONE GIRL'S DAY Students write a diary entry.
  • 23 GET THE MESSAGE Stories with a moral or a message.
  • 25 FLIGHT Making deductions from a poem.
  • 27 MAKE AND MIME Students interpret visual information.
  • 29 CAN I PERSUADE YOU? The persuasive use of language.
  • 31 STORY PLANNER Students use a grid of story ingredients.
  • 33 FAMOUS PEOPLE Finding and presenting information.
  • 35 THE Z-FILES Drawing on different sources.
  • 37 RECORD BREAKERS Students write for a specific purpose .
  • 39 WHERE'S IT FROM? Students explore word origins.
  • 41 IN THE BEGINNING A sequencing activity.
  • 43 HARRISON'S DESK A poem sparks an imaginative description.
  • 45 HEADLINE NEWS Students analyse newspaper headlines.
  • 47 WHERE'S THAT BOOK? Students review alphabetical order.
  • 49 ANIMAL FILE A research activity.
  • 51 BLOCKBUSTER Writing a film review in a given style.
  • 53 NEWS TIME Writing up a report from notes.
  • 55 WHAT'S HAPPENED? A speaking and listening activity.
  • 57 SCHOOL FILE Students produce a report.
  • 59 COVER STORIES Students investigate book covers.
  • 61 MORE THAN WORDS A look at newspaper reports, pictures and captions.