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French Language Skill Support

Price: £95.00
Age Range: KS3, 11-14

A series of interactive and interrelated resource materials which can be used to develop understanding and confidence in the use of the French language. The series consists of four packs, each corresponding to one of the four attainment targets in the National Curriculum (namely Listening and Responding, Reading and Responding, Speaking and Writing).

A unique feature of the series is that each worksheet comes in two versions; one with instructions in English and the other with the same instructions in French. This allows you to teach your stronger students completely through the French medium, whilst providing adequate support for the weaker students.

All materials are aimed at Level 2 of the National Curriculum, with introduction and extension activities at Levels 1 and 3/4, respectively. The Listening and Responding pack is accompanied by an audio file. This product is available as a PDF on CD-ROM or as as download, but not in book form.

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