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Improving Numeracy - Times Tables

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

Forget the tedium of rote learning! All the ideas you have ever had, but never got around to writing down, are here in this collection of games and puzzles which have been created to develop skills used in multiplication at Key Stage 3.

Improving Numeracy Times Tables pages are designed to be photocopied and folded into A5 booklets including one for parents and KS 3 students which extends and strengthens the work done in the classroom.

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Size: 67 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 329 4
Author(s): Jenny Goodwin
Code: INTI
Popularity rank: 147

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Contents List


Section 1 Getting Started

  • In this introductory section of Improving Numeracy Times Tables, guidance is given to the Numeracy Co-ordinator (or Head of Maths Department) for preparing the resource materials and implementing the learning programme.

Section 2 Number Crazy Booklet - Master Pages

  • The master pages for the Number Crazy booklet, when copied and collated, form the main platform of the programme. The booklet is designed for ease of use, and contains 48 activities that allow KS3 students to develop their knowledge of multiplication tables in a logical manner.

Section 3 Mad About Numbers Booklet - Master Pages

  • This booklet encourages the involvement of parents or guardians in helping their children to learn and/or practise the multiplication tables at home.

Section 4 Teachers' Notes

  • This section contains specific instructions for using the Number Crazy and Mad About Numbers booklets described above.

Section 5 Assessment

  • Under the guidance of the Numeracy Co-ordinator, the three exercises contained in this section can be used to evaluate students' progress and to assess the learning programme as a whole.