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Observation and Analysis in GCSE PE (Games Syllabus)

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Age Range: KS4

What is observation analysis and how does it relate to sport? Teach this difficult area in a practical and accessible way with Observation and Analysis in GCSE PE. Students focus particularly on self-assessment, developing skills and tactics through observation and analysis of their own performance and that of their colleagues. Appendices and lesson plans include assessment criteria matched to syllabus requirements. Resources are suitable for PE students at Key Stage 4.

Sports include: Badminton; Basketball; Cricket; Football; Hockey; Netball; Rounders; Rugby; Softball; Tennis; Volleyball.

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Size: 63 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 334 8
Author(s): Simon Stannard
Code: OAGG
Popularity rank: 232

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Contents List


  • 7 OBSERVE AND ANALYSE Teaches students the techniques they will use for all the worksheets in this pack.


  • 9 SHOOTING POWER Students learn the correct techniques for effective shooting.
  • 11 BIT OF A DRAG A practical lesson plan in which students develop the ability to carry out a drag-back turn, through observation and analysis.
  • 13 HEADING FOR GOAL! Students develop their understanding of what contributes to powerful and well-directed heading of the ball.


  • 15 QUICK STEPS Students develop the ability to analyse netball footwork through a stimulating practical exercise.
  • 17 ON THE ATTACK Through observation and analysis students consider all the options available at a centre pass.
  • 19 DON'T PASS IT UP! Observation and analysis help students master the techniques of the chest pass.


  • 21 TACKLE THIS The correct technique for tackling is explored in this practical session.
  • 23 THE SWITCH Observation and analysis lead students to a thorough understanding of the switch move and when and how to execute it.


  • 25 MAKING CORNERS COUNT Students learn what contributes to effective short and long corners.
  • 27 HIT THE TARGET Observation and analysis help students improve their hockey shooting.


  • 29 ON THE BOUNCE The technique of the bounce pass is examined, with observation and analysis of when it is most effective.
  • 31 CATCH IT! The elements of effective rebounding are explored, with students using observation and analysis to underpin their learning.
  • 33 FAST BREAK Students discover how effective fast breaks are put together in this enjoyable and instructive lesson.


  • 35 COMPLETELY SMASHING A practical session in which students discover, through observational analysis, the techniques and situations for the badminton smash.
  • 37 DEEP OR SHALLOW? Students use their observational and analytical skills to look at variations in depth of shot.
  • 39 BACKHAND CLEAR One of the most difficult shots in badminton is dissected in this practical lesson.


  • 41 ACE SERVE Through observation and analysis students learn the techniques of effective tennis serving in volleyball.
  • 43 CAN YOU DIG IT? The correct technique for executing and employing the dig shot is discovered with the help of observation and analysis.
  • 45 SIX UP The use of the 'six up' tactic is explored through observation, analysis and on-court practice.


  • 47 HOLD YOUR SERVE Observation and analysis lead to an understanding of effective service technique in tennis.
  • 49 ON THE VOLLEY This practical session demonstrates the right and wrong way to play a volley at the net.


  • 51 THE OVERARM THROW Observation and analysis help students understand how to make an effective throw, and when to use it.
  • 53 THE DONKEY DROP How the donkey drop bowling technique works, and when to employ it.


  • 55 DRIVE OFF! The off drive is examined with the help of observation, analysis, and on-pitch practice.
  • 57 BOWLED OVER! Observation and analysis are employed to discover what constitutes an effective cricket bowling action.


  • 59 HIT THE GROUND Observation and analysis help students learn how to deal with different types of ground ball.
  • 61 STRIKE THREE! Students learn how to throw the fast ball through observation, analysis and practice.


  • 62 OBSERVATION AND ANALYSIS SHEETS You should distribute copies of these as a double-sided sheet to every student for each of the lessons in this pack.