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Considering Moral and Social Dilemmas

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3 KS4

Encourage your students to broaden their knowledge and understanding, form their own opinions and learn to make sound decisions. The pack is divided into KS3 and KS4 sections and gives laws relevant to the areas studied.

Topics include: Consumer ethics; Telling on friends; Yob culture; Age guidance for films; Explicit material in teenage magazines; Chat room dangers; Petty theft; Body decoration; Fame; Acceptable behaviour; Under-age sex; AIDS; Young parenthood; Genetic engineering; Curfews; Age of consent for heterosexual and homosexual sex; Freedom for young murderers; Paedophiles; Gay marriage; Cosmetic surgery; Fashion; The paranormal; Food safety; Conscience; Organ donation and misuse.

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Size: 60 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 341 6
Author(s): Jonathon Gregory
Code: CMSD
Popularity rank: 75

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Contents List



  • 7 THE POWER OF CHOICE Students consider the dilemmas surrounding consumer ethics.
  • 9 A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE Students look at the dilemma of whether to 'tell' on friends, or not.
  • 11 CULLING WITH KINDNESS Students look into the problems pigeons cause - and suggest possible solutions.
  • 13 YOB CULTURE Students consider what is meant by the 'yob culture' and the issues surrounding it.
  • 15 AT WHAT AGE? Investigating the dilemmas surrounding the ages of guidance for films.
  • 17 IN THE MAGAZINE Considering the explicit material in teen magazines.
  • 19 COME INTO MY CHAT ROOM Students investigate and evaluate chat room dangers.
  • 21 TWEENY POWER The dilemmas facing 'tweenies' today.
  • 23 PETTY THEFT Looking at the reasons people steal and the issues surrounding petty theft.
  • 25 ADORNED AND ADORED Students consider the dilemmas surrounding body decorating.
  • 27 I WANNABE FAMOUS Looking at the desire by many young people to be famous and the dilemmas it can cause.
  • 29 PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES Students consider what are 'acceptable' forms of protest in society and the dilemmas that can arise from this.
  • 31 TOO SOON FOR SEX? Considering the problems surrounding under-age sex.
  • 33 LIVING WITH AIDS Helping students to understand the difficulties faced by those with family or friends affected by AIDS.


  • 35 A GRANDPARENT AT 24? Considering the dilemmas surrounding young parenthood.
  • 37 GENETIC ENGINEERING Students look into the ethical issues surrounding genetic engineering.
  • 39 CURFEWS Students learn about the reason for curfews on young people and consider different points of view.
  • 41 DISSENT OVER CONSENT Students look at the dilemmas surrounding the age of consent for heterosexual and homosexual sex, misconceptions about which can often lead to homophobic bullying.
  • 43 FREEDOM FOR YOUNG MURDERERS? Students consider the dilemmas arising, in allowing convicted young murderers out of prison.
  • 45 WHERE ARE THE PAEDOPHILES? This page tackles the controversy and dilemmas surrounding the identification of paedophiles.
  • 47 EQUAL RIGHTS FOR GAYS? Considering the issue of gay marriages.
  • 49 HUNGRY FOR LOVE? Looking at issues surrounding people's desire to be loved and accepted.
  • 51 CHANGING THE BODY Students consider the acceptability of cosmetic surgery.
  • 53 DRESSED TO KILL Looking at the problems surrounding fashion and its slaves.
  • 55 UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Examining the paranormal - and its dangers.
  • 57 IS MY LUNCH SAFE? Students consider issues to do with food.
  • 59 IS IT RIGHT? Should we break the law if our conscience tells us to? Students ponder the dilemmas surrounding the power of protest.
  • 61 LIFE SAVER Considering the use, and misuse, of human organs.