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Investigating Christianity: The Jesus of the Gospels

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

Christianity is a major component of the Programmes of Study for RE. This pack is text-light but heavy on ideas to stimulate thought and discussion. A variety of activities of an investigative nature provide scope for discovery and development. Students explore the ideas of Jesus from the four gospels.

Topics include: Miracles; Parables; Attitudes to Jesus; The role of the disciples; The teachings of Jesus; Birth, death and resurrection narratives.

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Size: 61 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 241 9
Author(s): John Gregory
Code: ICTJ
Popularity rank: 387

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Contents List


  • 7 IT'S GOOD NEWS Students use roleplay to explore why the Gospels are good news for Christians.
  • 9 AND HE SHALL BE CALLED... Students complete a table to investigate the many names given to Jesus.
  • 11 SPECIAL FROM BIRTH Creating a poster showing the events which marked Jesus' birth.
  • 13 I WAS THERE! Students script a radio interview with characters from the birth narratives.
  • 15 CALLING ALL SINNERS How Matthew became a disciple and what this says about Jesus and his mission to save sinners.
  • 17 A FULL ACCOUNT Explores the range and variety of writing in the Gospels.
  • 19 WHAT IS CAESAR'S? Students reply to a letter explaining why Jesus would not lead a rebellion against the Romans.
  • 21 THE EARLIEST GOSPEL Students find out about the origin of Mark's Gospel and write a diary entry for an early Christian.
  • 23 IN THE TEMPLE Students compare the various accounts of Jesus in the Temple.
  • 25 THE FOURTH GOSPEL Students create poems based on the metaphors for Jesus in the Gospel of John.
  • 27 THE END Students mime the crucifixion, in order to explore the differences between the accounts.
  • 29 SEEING IS BELIEVING Students create a scrapbook about the Resurrection.
  • 31 MAKING SENSE OF IT Students produce leaflets about the meaning of the Resurrection.
  • 33 THE ASCENSION Students write a film script exploring the ascension.
  • 35 HEALED BY FAITH Students think about the reaction to, and importance of, the miracles.
  • 37 CALMING THE STORM Students write a conversation between a Christian and a non-Christian, to explore different interpretations of Jesus calming the storm.
  • 39 WHY THE MIRACLES? Students think about the reasons for the miracles, from a Christian viewpoint.
  • 41 WINDOW TO GOD Students explore a parable by designing a stained glass window.
  • 43 MORE OR LESS? Students explore a parable by designing a board game.
  • 45 STICKS AND STONES Students design posters showing different reactions to Jesus.
  • 47 CRUCIFY HIM! Students investigate the reasons why Jesus was put to death.
  • 49 THE MESSIAH Students compare the Jewish expectations of a Messiah with Jesus and his teaching.
  • 51 KEEP IT SIMPLE Students explore the Lord's Prayer and produce leaflets of advice on how to pray.
  • 53 CLOSE TO THE HEART Students find out about oral traditions and learn to retell one of the stories about Jesus.
  • 55 PETER'S VIEW Students look at evidence before describing Jesus from Peter's point of view.
  • 57 WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE Students write court statements arguing for and against the idea that Jesus is the Son of God.
  • 59 IN THE BALANCE Students use statements to investigate their own beliefs about Jesus.
  • 61 LIVE YOUR FAITH Students produce a jigsaw showing how people put their beliefs into practice.



Emma Dimarco at Digest

They would work well as an individual topic ... but they are all perfectly suitable for any pre-written project on the life of Jesus.
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Emma Dimarco at Digest

Highly recommended
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