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What Has RE Got To Do with Me?

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Age Range: KS3 KS4

Worksheets, divided into four sections, encourage students to consider why RE is studied in schools today, how RE teaching has changed over the years, the application of RE to daily life, and religion in the modern world.

Topics include: Making Time for RE; From Scripture to Life Skills; Beliefs in Daily Life; Empathy with Other Religions; A Multicultural Year; Religion Around the World; Do Unto Others ...; Who Needs RE?; RE and Careers; Key Skills in RE; RE Makes You Think; RE Gives Us Answers; Why Do We Study RE?

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Size: 72 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86026 371 3
Author(s): Janet Hayes
Code: WHRG
Popularity rank: 129

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Contents List




  • 10 LEGALLY SPEAKING Students learn about the legal requirements for the teaching of RE and design an RE syllabus.
  • 12 MAKING TIME FOR RE Students look at how RE fits into the timetable and construct their own timetable.
  • 14 FROM SCRIPTURE TO LIFE SKILLS Students learn about changes in the teaching of RE and create an information leaflet for parents.
  • 16 EMPHASISING THE ACADEMIC Students consider the changes in RE qualifications and create an academic brochure.


  • 22 BELIEFS IN DAILY LIFE Students look at how religion affects daily routines and describe a day following religious rules.
  • 24 EATING OUT Students learn about food laws and use them to construct suitable menus.
  • 26 A KOSHER HOME Students look at food laws in a Jewish home and design a suitable kitchen.
  • 28 IN SOMEONE ELSE'S SHOES Students learn about empathy and use it in their writing of a magazine article.
  • 30 VIVE LA DIFFERENCE Students learn about accepting people's differences and look at a situation from different viewpoints.
  • 32 DRESS CODE Students consider how religion influences dress and design a multicultural school uniform.
  • 34 A MULTICULTURAL YEAR Students look at religious festivals throughout the year and design a brochure of events to celebrate at school.
  • 36 BELIEF INTO LIFE Students learn how actions are influenced by beliefs, using the example of Buddhism.
  • 38 BELIEF INTO LIFE (2) Students look at how actions are influenced by beliefs and write a diary entry for a day influenced by Muslim beliefs.


  • 44 RELIGION AROUND THE WORLD Students learn about the geographical distribution of major faiths and plot them on a world map.
  • 46 DO UNTO OTHERS ... Students learn about religious attitudes towards serving the community and 'interview' people for a newspaper article on the subject.
  • 48 STANDING UP FOR THE LITTLE MAN Students look at religious attitudes towards human rights and write a speech about righting injustice.
  • 50 LIFE IS SPECIAL Students consider religious beliefs about the sanctity of life and apply these to difficult situations.
  • 52 JUST SAY, NO! Students discover how the attitudes of society and religion can often mirror each other, using the example of drugs, and create a roleplay.
  • 54 RELIGION AND PEACE Students consider the essentially peaceful nature of religion and design a poster promoting peace.
  • 56 DIFFERENT VIEWS Students look at how religious responses can vary, using the example of suicide, and write letters from different viewpoints.
  • 58 OUR WORLD, OUR RESPONSIBILITY Students look at religious advice regarding stewardship of the world and write a speech for an environmental conference.


  • 64 WHO NEEDS RE? Students learn that RE is useful in many jobs, not just religious ones, and write a roleplay for one example.
  • 66 RE AND CAREERS Students explore RE's value in careers and design an OHP slide presenting this view.
  • 68 KEY SKILLS IN RE Students consider RE's contribution to key skills development and carry out a key skills audit of their RE work.
  • 70 RE MAKES YOU THINK Students learn how RE makes us think about important issues, using the example of war.
  • 72 SO YOU WANT AN ARGUMENT? Students learn how to construct valid arguments in RE.
  • 74 RE GIVES US ANSWERS Students explore the answers RE gives us to ultimate questions and design a poster to illustrate this.
  • 76 WHY DO WE STUDY RE? Students draw together the reasons why we study RE, using a variety of media.


  • 80 APPENDIX 1 For use with SO YOU WANT AN ARGUMENT?, p.72.
  • 81 APPENDIX 2 Useful websites relating to the topics in this pack.