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Certificate of Achievement in English

Price: £39.95
Age Range: KS4

Written in line with the NEAB (now AQA) Certificate of Achievement syllabus and aimed at students with a reading age of 9-11.
The pack introduces the concepts of achievement levels and externally set assignments through structured worksheets which build students' confidence and develop their skills. Summary sheets to record achievement are included for each module and Teachers Notes explain links with the GCSE course and other exam boards. Assessment advice and homework ideas are also included.

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Size: 108 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 299 0
Author(s): Sarah Pashley
Code: CAEN
Popularity rank: 397

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Contents List


  • 7 A WORK PLAN (Unit 1, work: speaking and listening task 1) Students consider and agree a plan with their teacher related to a work activity.
  • 9 FIRST IMPRESSIONS (Unit 1, work: speaking and listening task 2) Students discuss a work situation with particular regard to interview skills.
  • 11 I WANT TO BE A ... (Unit 1, work: speaking and listening task 3) Students discuss work opportunities with teachers and peers.
  • 13 SAFETY FIRST (Unit 2, work: reading task 1) Enables students to read and discuss information about safety in the workplace.
  • 15 DEAR SIR... (Unit 2, work: reading task 2) Assessment Unit: Understanding written instructions regarding an interview situation.
  • 17 LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING (Unit 2, work: reading task 3) Students use two reference skills to find information about jobs.
  • 19 SIGNS AND SYMBOLS (Unit 2, work: reading task 4) To recognise and understand signs and symbols likely to be encountered at work.
  • 21 ABOUT ME (Unit 3, work: writing task 1) Completing a form giving personal details.
  • 23 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF (Unit 3, work: writing task 2) Keeping a record of a work-related activity following an agreed format.
  • 25 APPLY YOURSELF! (Unit 3, work: writing task 3) Completing a letter of application for a job.
  • 27 DON'T BE LATE! (Unit 3, work: writing task 4) Assessment Unit: A piece of personal writing based on a work-related activity.
  • 29 FACT OR FANTASY? (Unit 4, media: speaking and listening task 1) Students express their own personal opinions on a chosen media text.
  • 31 NEWSFLASH (Unit 4, media: speaking and listening task 2) Discussing the way a topical issue has been presented in more than one media text.
  • 33 GAME SHOWS (Unit 4, media: speaking and listening task 3) Game show roleplay.
  • 35 READ ALL ABOUT IT! (Unit 5 media: reading task 1) Reading a magazine article.
  • 37 SELL,SELL,SELL (Unit 5, media: reading task 2) Assessment Unit: To recognise the purpose of three advertisements for different products.
  • 39 ATTENTION GRABBERS (Unit 5, media: reading task 3) Comparing two headlines for the same story.
  • 41 QUIET NIGHT IN (Unit 5, media: reading task 4) To plan an evening's viewing/listening for a specified audience.
  • 43 HIT, MISS OR MAYBE (Unit 6, media: writing task 1) Assessment Unit: Writing a film review indicating personal opinions.
  • 45 NEWSREADER (Unit 6, media: writing task 2) Preparing a media script for performance.
  • 47 HEADLINES (Unit 6, media: writing task 3) Coming up with a headline for a news story.
  • 49 MOVIEDROME (Unit 6, media: writing task 4) Producing a poster for a film.
  • 51 THE MAIN ELEMENTS OF A PLAY (Unit 7, drama task 1) Identifying and considering the main elements of a play's plot.
  • 53 KEY CHARACTERS (Unit 7, drama task 2) Assessment Unit: Writing about the representation of at least one dramatic character.
  • 55 RELATIONSHIPS (Unit 7, drama task 3) Exploring the relationships between at least two characters through roleplay.
  • 57 CRITICS' CHOICE (Unit 7, drama task 4) A written response to a play.
  • 59 DAY TRIPPERS (Unit 8, information task 1) Assessment Unit: Getting information from written and graphical sources.
  • 61 CLASSIFIED INFORMATION (Unit 8, information task 2) Simple classification skills applied to some information.
  • 63 THE BEST LAID PLANS... (Unit 8, information task 3) Sequencing information to aid understanding.
  • 65 BOOK SOON! (Unit 8, information task 4) Communicating information gathered to at least one other person.
  • 67 HAVE A GO! (Unit 9, leisure task 1) Assessment Unit: Students read about two leisure activities and produce a written response.
  • 69 SPARE TIME (Unit 9, leisure task 2) Talking about two leisure activities.
  • 71 WHAT'S ON? (Unit 9, leisure task 3) Using information about at least one local leisure facility.
  • 73 HAVE YOU GOT A HOBBY? (Unit 9, leisure task 4) Conducting a survey of leisure activities.
  • 75 ONLY STORIES (Unit 10, reading for pleasure tasks 1 & 2) Students read a story then express their reactions to it.
  • 77 WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE? (Unit 10, reading for pleasure task 3) Discussing the main elements of plot and characterisation in the story.
  • 79 POETRY PLEASE (Unit 10, reading for pleasure tasks 1 & 2) Reading three poems and then expressing personal responses to one of them.
  • 81 WHAT'S THE STORY? (Unit 10, reading for pleasure, task 4) Assessment Unit: Students produce a written, creative response to a poem.
  • 83 CHOOSE ME A BOOK (Unit 11, storytelling task 1) Looking at at least two stories for different audiences.
  • 85 CHILDREN'S STORY TIME (Unit 11, storytelling task 2) Assessment Unit: Producing a written version of a story for Primary School children.
  • 87 BRINGING THE STORY TO LIFE (Unit 11, storytelling task 3) Telling the story to an audience.
  • 89 NESSIE (Unit 12, legends and mysteries task 1) Students consider some texts about the Loch Ness Monster.
  • 91 REAL OR FAKE? (Unit 12, legends and mysteries task 2) Discussing at least two issues raised by the legend of the Loch Ness Monster.
  • 93 BIG FOOT (Unit 12, legends and mysteries task 3) Comparing the legend of the Loch Ness Monster with that of Big Foot.
  • 95 LEGENDARY CREATURES (Unit 12, legends and mysteries, task 4) Assessment Unit: A piece of personal writing based on a legend or mystery.
  • 96-107 APPENDIX - 12 Unit Summary Sheets.
  • 108 APPENDIX - Jabberwocky, linked with WHAT'S THE STORY? page 81.