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Speaking and Listening KS3; Second Edition

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

Students develop oral and aural skills, both in a formal and informal context. Interactive activities build confidence, focusing on team work and support. Worksheets follow NC guidelines and are grouped in four sections of increasing complexity.

Skills include: Clarity, fluency and style of speech; Analysing; Debating; Describing; Discussion; Narration; Talking persuasively, tactfully and succinctly; Structuring thought and speech; Giving advice, explanations, instructions; Presenting to a child; Creating mood and atmosphere; Attentive listening; Respecting alternative viewpoints.

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Size: 64 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 276 1
Code: SLSE
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Contents List


  • 5 GENERAL TEACHERS' NOTES - Teaching speaking and listening skills

Worksheets which offer a range of activities and can be tailored to the needs of the group

  • 7 SCHOOL REPORT -gives students an opportunity to report on the school
  • 9 CRIME! WATCH! - various activities focusing on observation, memory and description
  • 11 FOXHUNTING - discussion on the issue of foxhunting

Worksheets suitable for most students, involving basic analytical skills and mainly discussion work

  • 13 FAME - deducing identity through using closed questions
  • 15 MOVING IN - roleplay to develop ability to speak clearly and persuasively
  • 17 GETTING TO KNOW YOU - finding out about another person by asking tactful questions and listening attentively to answers
  • 19 WHAT DO I DO? - game to develop speaking, listening and deduction skills
  • 21 999 - focuses on making a 999 call
  • 23 LEND ME SOME MONEY - listening attentively, drawing out information, and empathising
  • 25 MAKING THE RULES - the need for school rules, and why they are important

Worksheets involving greater analytical skills, some reading and writing, or basic roleplay

  • 27 SLANG - the vocabulary of slang, its current influences, and how it changes over time
  • 39 FINDERS, KEEPERS - a moral question to provoke discussion, analysis, and reaching a consensus
  • 31 SCHOOL REUNION - improvised roleplay
  • 33 CAUSE FOR COMPLAINT - roleplay of a customer complaining to a shop
  • 35 COLLISION COURSE - discussion of evidence, and taking different viewpoints
  • 37 RULES OF THE GAME - students write instructions for a board game
  • 39 WEIRD RECIPES - activity focusing on voice, purpose and language used

Worksheets which are more challenging, involving more sophisticated analysis, sustained group work, more advanced reading and writing, or more complex role plays

  • 41 FUN TO BE YOUNG? - the issue as a topic for class debate
  • 43 THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE - students debate the issue of smoking
  • 45 IT'S THE WEEKEND! - students prepare and give a formal talk
  • 47 JUST A MINUTE - a timed speaking task to encourage quick thinking, fluent speaking and careful listening
  • 49 NEWS 2020 - students write and present a radio news piece
  • 51 WET - students continue extracts in an appropriate style
  • 53 LIVING STORIES - looking at the concept of oral tradition
  • 55 COME TO BRITAIN! - students devise a section for a radio travel programme
  • 57 GO-SPOT - students analyse an advertisement, and create their own
  • 59 STRANGE LAND - drama activity with scripted and unscripted performance
  • 61 LEAVING HOME - using a song extract as stimulus for improvised roleplay


  • 62 MOVING IN - support material for MOVING IN
  • 63 CRIME! WATCH! - support material for CRIME! WATCH!



Name and school withheld.

really good
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Name and school withheld.

Great resource!
Was this review helpful to you?

Steven Pringle

There are many things to interest students and can be adapted to the learners learing style
Was this review helpful to you?

Teacher Testing Report

There is very little suitable Special Needs material on Speaking and Listening. This pack would fill a gap.
Was this review helpful to you?

Teacher Testing Report

An interesting selection of ideas and the topics are adaptable to either spoken or written form.
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Teacher Testing Report

Useful to have specific material for what is rather a nebulous area.
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Teacher Testing Report

Excellent idea.
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Teacher Testing Report

Speaking and listening skills are a crucial part of the English curriculum Key Stage 3. This pack would be ideal as either a fill in for year 7 & 8 classes aspects of pack or for low ability year 7 9 all of pack. The pack covers a wide range of speaking and listening skills.
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