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Career Management for Two-year Post-16 Courses

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Age Range: KS4+

Students focus on past experiences and achievements in order to develop their ideas on future careers. They explore options in the UK and Europe and consider the long-term benefits of acquired skills.

Topics include: Factors affecting career decisions; Employment trends; UCAS; Self-employment; Taking a year out; SMART targets; Managing periods of unemployment.

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Size: 72 Pages
ISBN: 987 1 86025 261 7
Author(s): Alan Hoddy
Code: CMTY
Popularity rank: 319

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Contents List


  • 7. WHO'S PERFECT? Allows students to recognise their strengths and weaknesses through self-appraisal and application exercises.
  • 9. I CAN DO THAT Aims to explore achievements, interests, abilities, values and attitudes in relation to learning using a personal statement development exercise.
  • 11. INFLUENCES Encourages students to recognise the influences and possible barriers relating to career decisions.
  • 13. EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING Using matrix and Likert Scale exercises the worksheet raises awareness of the possibility of things going wrong with career plans and considers ways to overcome these situations.
  • 15. A JOB FOR LIFE Using collage and information extraction exercises the worksheet introduces students to different types of employment with a particular emphasis on the development and growth in the self-employed sector.
  • 17. EMPLOYMENT TRENDS Raises student awareness of the development of employment trends considering the past, the present and then the future.
  • 19. WHY HAS THIS HAPPENED? Aims to introduce students to the recent changes in working trends in a research and presentation exercise.
  • 21. ON COURSE Aims to raise awareness of all types of courses and to practise associated decision-making.
  • 23. ONLINE Aims to raise awareness of, and use, some of the new technology available for research through an information-gathering exercise.
  • 25. AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Invites students to consider, research and plan a year abroad prior to going to university or starting work.
  • 27. GIVE IT A REST Allows students to consider the implications of taking a year out and justifying the reasons for doing so in a problem page type activity.
  • 29. GAP YEAR Allows students to consider the implications of, and the planning involved in, taking a gap year through research and presentation activities.
  • 31. U CAN WITH UCAS Introduces students to the UCAS process by developing flowcharts and spider diagrams to aid application.
  • 33. CAREER PLANNING Introduces students to a simplified matching process to highlight the need for careful career planning.
  • 35. TRANSITIONS Enables students to better deal with transitions in their lives using a questionnaire to gather pertinent information about them.
  • 37. UNEMPLOYMENT (SOCIAL) Invites students to use poetry and roleplay to build up knowledge and insight into the social costs of unemployment.
  • 39. UNEMPLOYMENT (STRATEGIES) Tackles some of the problems associated with unemployment through a strategy-planning exercise.
  • 41. CAN YOU MANAGE? Investigates what management training is using a spider diagram and a matrix.
  • 43. PART-TIME OR TEMPORARY? Uses a brochure-designing activity to examine what working part-time or on a temporary basis implies.
  • 45. SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY Uses a time-line activity to examine the concept of 'life-long learning'.
  • 47. UNI ... OR PERHAPS? Investigates the reasons for going on to university or not in a spider graph activity.
  • 49. I STATE MY CASE Encourages students to make decisions based on sound reasoning using a cost:benefit analysis approach.
  • 51. THE 'F' WORD Aims to discover the financial implications associated with being a student through a budget-creating activity.
  • 53. FINANCE - EUROPEAN STYLE Focuses on the concept of exchange rates in an information-gathering exercise. (The student may need to work abroad).
  • 55. DEDUCTIONS, TAX & PENSIONS Investigates the issues linked to employment taxation and related issues through research and calculation exercises.
  • 57. THE CONTRACT Explores aspects of typical working conditions through a contract design and completion exercise.
  • 59. WHAT HAPPENS IF...? Aims to help raise student awareness regarding the rights and benefits of the employee through information-gathering and presentation activities.
  • 61. CONDITIONS Uses a word definition exercise to highlight the conditions of work an employee can expect.
  • 63. LEGAL & ETHICAL Acquaints students with the responsibilities of employers and employees by gathering information in a questionnaire and interpreting the findings.
  • 65. JUST THE JOB Aims to access and understand job advertisements and to gain practical skills in the application process.
  • 67. A BRIEF LIFE HISTORY Aims to develop CV presentation by compiling an up-to-date example.
  • 69. IT'S GOT TO BEEE PERFECT Aims to plan and organise a letter of application and produce a perfect example.
  • 71. MAKING SENSE OF IT ALL Aims to produce an extended document which links information about a student's own plans to careers research in a way which helps readers to follow the student's decision-making process.