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Vocational A Level Induction Level 3

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS4 KS4+

Designed flexibly for use as a full induction course or for one-off lessons to reinforce skills and comprehension, worksheets cover the terminology and processes required for success in Vocational A levels. Teachers Notes include ideas for retaining evidence of completed coursework, the use of ICT and extension activities.

Topics include: Annotation; Data collection; Planning; Presentation; Record keeping; Research; Review; Summarising; Video and photography.

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Size: 60 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 197 9
Author(s): Amanda Pass
Code: GAIN
Popularity rank: 426

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Contents List


  • 7 MAKING SENSE OF IT - introducing the new specifications.
  • 9 PROVE IT - the importance of collecting appropriate and accurate evidence.
  • 11 TRACK IT DOWN - students learn the importance of research.
  • 13 MINE OR YOURS? - students learn how to use and adapt information without copying.
  • 15 THE MAIN POINT - summarising information and highlighting the main points.
  • 17 WHICH SOURCE? - develops students' referencing skills.
  • 19 READ THE SMALL PRINT - develops students' footnoting skills.
  • 21 TAKE ONE - using video to record and present work.
  • 23 TAKE TWO - planning and preparing for video filming using storyboards.
  • 25 SNAP - using photography to illustrate and emphasise ideas and points.
  • 27 WIRED FOR SOUND - using tape recorders to enhance presentation of work.
  • 29 THE TRANSCRIPT - transcribing accurately from video or audio by using a checklist to help record and clarify the necessary information.
  • 31 EDITED HIGHLIGHTS - using annotation to emphasise important points.
  • 33 YOUR OPINION PLEASE - students learn how to use surveys to gather information, and to display the results in different ways.
  • 35 OFF THE CUFF - emphasises the need for clear and precise planning.
  • 37 THE BEST LAID PLANS - makes students aware of the need to plan ahead, and looks at measuring learning objectives.
  • 39 RESEARCH - the differences between primary and secondary information.
  • 41 FEEL THE PULSE - familiarises students with data collection.
  • 43 LET'S NEGOTIATE - demonstrates the importance of negotiation.
  • 45 NEVER LOOK BACK - evaluating and reviewing work to improve future work.
  • 47 ANOTHER WAY - the importance of using a variety of ways to gather and present information and evidence for assignments.
  • 49 CHECKMATE - the importance and use of Peer Report writing.
  • 51 MINUTE IT! - demonstrates the importance of record keeping.
  • 53 ORDER! ORDER! - demonstrates the importance of accurate assembly and organisation.
  • 55 ACCURACY COUNTS - the importance of accurate report writing.
  • 57 MAKE AN IMPRESSION - the need for good written and oral presentations.
  • 59 WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE - the need to develop appropriate language skills.
  • 61 ONE TO ONE - develops students' telephone technique.