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PSE for 16+: Sex and Drugs Issues

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Age Range: KS4+

Designed to be used in either a whole class or small group context, this pack deals with sex and drugs issues by encouraging mature debate and discussion rather than concentrating on written work. It offers a broad approach exploring attitudes, pressures, implications and legislation, as well as presenting pertinent facts.

Topics include: Teenage sexuality; STDs; AIDS; Gay issues such as attitudes that can lead to homophobic bullying; Sexual equality; Peer pressure; Hard and soft drugs; Solvents; Social drug taking; Alcohol and tobacco; Other potential addictions such as food, exercise and cleanliness.

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Size: 61 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 332 4
Author(s): Martin Horsfall
Code: PFSP
Popularity rank: 36

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Contents List


Section 1 - Sex and Relationships

  • 7 TEEN DREAMS Students consider aspects of sexuality. They present a definition of the concept and develop it through a poetry-writing activity.
  • 9 CASUAL FLING Students focus on the factors that influence teenage attitudes to casual sex. They give a presentation illustrating some of the influences and how they may be challenged.
  • 11 SEXWORD Students become aware of the range of sexual phraseology through a crossword-compiling activity.
  • 13 COUPLEDOM Students consider the implications of entering an exclusive relationship at this stage in their lives. They write an article for their school or college magazine on the pros and cons of being a couple.
  • 15 COMING OUT Students consider the implications of 'coming out' as a homosexual teenager. Students prepare roleplays of different situations and write an open letter to a young person facing this issue.
  • 17 IT'S NOT FAIR! Students learn about the nature and effect of sexual discrimination. They write a soap opera script that features sexual discrimination - and consider the effects on the individuals concerned.
  • 19 STD MATTERS Students examine their own responses to sexually-transmitted diseases and design a questionnaire to discover their peer group's knowledge of, and attitudes to, this subject.
  • 21 ATTITUDE PROBLEM? Students prepare a television item on the topic of teenage attitudes to HIV and AIDS.
  • 23 DIFFICULT RELATIONSHIPS Students develop some strategies for dealing with people. They engage in a problem-page activity focusing on ways of dealing with difficult relationship situations.
  • 25 BOY TALK/GIRL TALK Students learn about how men and women can approach matters of sexuality differently. They write a report about different male and female attitudes to sexual matters.

Section 2 - Drugs Issues

  • 27 PARTY PRESSURES Students engage in a writing activity to consider how they would react if they were with friends who were about to take drugs. They develop empathy for the situation and discuss strategies for dealing with it.
  • 29 RAVE ON Students focus on the role of a school or college in educating young people about drugs connected with the rave culture. Students debate the pros and cons of including such instruction in the curriculum.
  • 31 A LEGAL MATTER Students learn about the legal penalties of handling drugs through a matching exercise, in which they pair up substances, offences and penalties.
  • 33 DESIGNER DRUGS Students consider the influences that can make drugs seem trendy or fashionable. They complete a table and report on the imagery associated with drugs and the effect this can have.
  • 35 DRUGS IN SPORT Students consider some of the positive and negative aspects of drug abuse, by debating whether or not all drug use in sport should be banned.
  • 37 GLUE BLUES Students contribute to drugs education, by preparing a short play focusing on the pitfalls of solvent abuse. The play is aimed at an audience of 12-16 year olds.
  • 39 LOADED QUESTIONS Students learn about the presentation of sex and drugs in the media through analysing and evaluating the sex and drugs content of magazines aimed at their age group. They write a report in support of - or against - banning these magazines from the school or college.
  • 41 PRIVATE LIVES? Students consider the influence of role models on teenage behaviour. They present a panel discussion on the issue of the responsibilities of public figures.
  • 43 LIGHTING UP Students identify the influences that encourage people to start smoking tobacco and devise strategies for combating these influences.
  • 45 COUNTING THE COST Students look at the financial and human cost of smoking tobacco. In the role of a health minister, they prepare a speech proposing measures to encourage young people not to smoke.
  • 47 SHARING THE AIR Students focus on attitudes to smoking in public places. They write letters supporting and attacking a decision to ban smoking in a local shopping centre.
  • 49 DESIGNER DRINKS Students consider how different types of alcohol are targeted towards specific types of consumer. They match drinks to types of people.
  • 51 ALCOPOP ALARM Students consider the case for and against banning the sale of 'gateway' drinks to young people. They present their arguments in a television-style discussion.
  • 53 NO PROBLEM! Students learn about the difference between 'normal' and 'problem' drinking. They draw up an advice sheet.
  • 55 THAT'S THE LIMIT Students practise dealing with the issue of drinking and driving. They discuss a difficult situation and then present a dramatised scene.
  • 57 BEING TEETOTAL Students explore the implications of being teetotal and devise strategies for dealing with pressure to drink alcohol.
  • 59 ADDICTS ANONYMOUS Students identify behaviours that could become addictive and devise strategies for recognising and dealing with them.
  • 61 ADDICTED TO SPEED Students consider some of the issues involved in fast driving and suggest other ways of coping with speed addiction.



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