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Vocational A Level in Business: Application of Number Level 3

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS4+

This pack teaches application of number through practical activities related specifically to business. The pack contains twenty pages of practice materials with ten extra pages devoted to a project that can be used to assess application of number skills.

Topics include: Market research; Analysing, interpreting and presenting data; Presentation techniques; Exchange rates; Estimation and conversion.

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Size: 72 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 192 4
Code: VAAB
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Contents List


  • 9 MARKET RESEARCH (1) Students interpret raw data, check its validity and present it in a more user-friendly format.
  • 11 MARKET RESEARCH (2) Students use a variety of market research information to highlight marketing ideas.
  • 13 STRIKING A BALANCE Students use data to discover if there is a link between inflation and unemployment.
  • 15 ANALYSING SECONDARY DATA Students discuss primary and secondary data then interpret and present secondary data as information.
  • 17 COLLECTING PRIMARY DATA Students practise the collection of primary data.
  • 19 ANALYSING PRIMARY DATA Students produce a definition for primary data, learn how to collect it, and deal with some of the pitfalls.
  • 21 STORE ANALYSIS Students interpret sets of data and make recommendations based on them.
  • 23 STAFF SHORTAGE Students consider possible choices and the effectiveness of choices within an advertising budget.
  • 25 HOT MONEY (1) Students learn about exchange rate fluctuations and play a game related to them.
  • 27 HOT MONEY (2) Students investigate the costs of currency exchanges.
  • 29 USE AND DISPLAY DATA Students use information relating to the wealth of nations to practise different ways of presenting data.
  • 31 FINANCIAL DATA Students use given data to produce break-even forecasts and cashflow charts.
  • 33 PROFIT AND LOSS Students discuss the nature of profit and loss and prepare a set of accounts.
  • 35 PERSONAL FINANCE Students study the consumer viewpoint of an asset purchase using a load and practise personal budgeting.
  • 37 RATIO ANALYSIS Students use data to produce ratio analyses.
  • 39 EXPENSES (1) Students practise estimation and conversion through a map reading activity.
  • 41 EXPENSES (2) Students use map information to cost forms of transport, estimating timings using information on velocity.
  • 43 SOURCES OF FINANCE Students compare the relative costs and merits of different types of finance.
  • 45 NEW OFFICE (1) Students convert measurements and draw accurate scaled drawings from them.
  • 47 NEW OFFICE (2) Students use a scale drawing in order to measure surface areas and to cost for decoration.


  • 48 HOT MONEY (1) (Trading grid)
  • 49 FINANCIAL DATA (Cashflow sheet)

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