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Sensitive Issues through Unfinished Picture Stories

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

By putting the content of these very sensitive issues into cartoon format, we have reduced the text on each worksheet to just what will fit into speech bubbles. The unfinished stories can be used as starters for discussion of ethical issues, roleplay or decision-making practice. Suitable for use with even the most reluctant reader. (Updated from: Issues in Pictures)

Topics include: Suspected of theft; A death in the family; Lying; Telling tales; Loneliness; Bullying; Stealing; Reaching breaking point.

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Size: 71 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 873562 62 8
Code: SITU
Popularity rank: 96
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Contents List


  • 1 FOUR EYES Students focus on the issue of insensitivity towards fellow students.
  • 3 SMELLY Students look at the problem of poor personal hygiene and its repercussions in the classroom.
  • 5 BOYS AND GIRLS Students look at sexual stereotyping, its reinforcement within the classroom and possible repercussions outside school.
  • 7 WILL YOU....? Students consider peer pressure, where young people are coerced into having boyfriends and girlfriends before they feel ready for such relationships.
  • 9 JUST A JOKE Students examine the acceptability of pranks and practical jokes.
  • 11 GRANNY Students explore the ideas surrounding responsibility for elderly relatives.
  • 13 GRANDAD Students look at senility and its possible outcomes.
  • 15 HOMEWORK TROUBLE Students examine the conflict between the need to do homework and the desire to have a social life.
  • 17 BUS FARE Students express their views about a situation which occurs regularly in schools and is often dealt with in the way that is outlined.
  • 19 TROUBLE IN THE LAB Students look at an action frequently taken in practical lessons when misbehaviour has occurred.
  • 21 DIFFERENT Students look at a situation where a black student becomes an oddity because of his different background.
  • 23 TEAMS Students examine how people can feel more secure with others of the same ethnic or cultural background even when they function well in an apparently integrated society.
  • 25 NOT MY FAULT Students explore a situation commonly found in the classroom.
  • 27 SCHOOL TRIP Students explore the problem of payment for extra-curricular activities.
  • 29 WEIGHTY PROBLEM Students look at people's preconceptions about being above average weight.
  • 31 HIT AND RUN Students examine an extreme result of bullying.
  • 33 ABUSED? Students consider the problem of family violence from the perspective of the victim.
  • 35 PARENTAL PROBLEMS Students look at the problems experienced by children whose parents do not get on and are constantly arguing with one another.
  • 37 WEDDING DAY Students look at the broad issue of conflict between brothers and sisters of different ages and with different interests and lifestyles.
  • 39 LONELY TEARS Students consider the problems faced by a school when dealing with a bereavement.
  • 41 DEATH IN THE FAMILY Students examine the practical and emotional implications of the death of a loved one.
  • 43 YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME Students look at the extent to which school rules govern behaviours immediately before and after the school day.
  • 45 NEVER A GOOD WORD Students examine a negative approach to interpersonal relationships.
  • 47 BREAKING POINT Students look at unprofessional behaviour by a teacher.
  • 49 FOOD, HORRIBLE FOOD Students consider the problem of anorexia.
  • 51 IN DREAMS Students look at the embarrassment often felt when a boy has a wet dream.
  • 53 PERIOD PROBLEM Students are made aware of how normal it is for girls to have periods.
  • 55 ON YOUR OWN Students consider the way in which some parents do not accept their responsibilities towards their children and the consequences of this.
  • 57 HOLIDAY ALONE Students examine the issue of young people taking holidays with boyfriends or girlfriends unaccompanied by parents.
  • 59 PROBLEMS OF CLASS Students examine the possible future of a relationship between two people of different social backgrounds.



Name and school withheld.

I used this resource with a SEN class and it worked really well. It introduces sensitive issues in a gentle way and allows for students to consider the topics at their own pace. I would use this again.
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Name and school withheld.

useful clear worksheets that can be used with different sized groups. Helpful to have a a prompt for this kind of issue
Was this review helpful to you?

Teacher Testing Report

Wide range of activities suggested - should be suitable for most staff and students. My students liked the format and the easy to read style.
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Teacher Testing Report

I like the concept. It should generate discussion and lead to a lot of valuable reflection. I use a lot of discussion work in my lesson and find the approach in your packs suits our students. The layout is good, with not too much written work in each page.
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Teacher Testing Report

A good idea. Useful in tutor time as a way of introducing sensitive issues. A very useful addition both in PSE and support group work. Less able students off as soon as they see it!
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