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Beliefs and Practice: Christianity

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

Structured to the format of the QCA 2000 unit, Beliefs and Practice, students investigate Christianity using worksheets derived from the learning objectives, outcomes and suggestions in the QCA document.

Topics include: Symbolism; Concepts of God; Investigating the Bible; Rules for Life; Listening and Talking: Why Pray?; Celebrate and Remember; Why Christmas?; An Easter Surprise; Living is Believing; Love Your Neighbour; What Does Christianity Say?; Ultimate Questions.

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Size: 60 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 362 1
Author(s): Gary Rice
Code: BPCH
Popularity rank: 318
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Contents List


  • 7 SYMBOLS ALL AROUND US The nature of symbols.
  • 9 SYMBOLS IN ACTION The major Christian symbols.
  • 11 BEHIND THE PICTURES The symbolism of Christian icons.
  • 13 SHOWING BELIEFS Issues surrounding the wearing of tokens of one's faith.
  • 15 WHAT DOES 'GOD' MEAN? Investigation into different Christian concepts of God.
  • 17 WHAT IS GOD LIKE? Explores the concept of God as a shepherd.
  • 19 THREE IN ONE The meaning of the Trinity and why it is important to Christians.
  • 21 THE MEANING OF WORDS Explains monotheism and polytheism, with reference to Christianity and Hinduism.
  • 23 INVESTIGATING THE BIBLE The different types of writing in the Bible, and the division into Old and New Testament.
  • 25 TURN THE OTHER CHEEK The Christian teaching of non-violent forgiveness.
  • 27 RULES FOR LIFE Considers the modern-day relevance of the Ten Commandments.
  • 29 A USEFUL BOOK How the Bible helps Christians.
  • 31 READ, TALK AND LEARN Why Christians join Bible study groups.
  • 33 LISTENING AND TALKING What prayer is and how artefacts can assist it.
  • 35 A SPECIAL PRAYER The meaning and importance of the Lord's Prayer.
  • 37 WHY PRAY? The different purposes of prayer.
  • 39 THE STILL SMALL VOICE The Christian belief that God speaks to them.
  • 41 CELEBRATE AND REMEMBER The major Christian festivals, what they mean, and how they are celebrated.
  • 43 WHY CHRISTMAS? Variations in the Gospel stories of the Nativity.
  • 45 CHRISTMAS TIME How Christians celebrate Christmas.
  • 47 AN EASTER SURPRISE The resurrections story celebrated at Easter.
  • 49 A GOOD DAY? The Christian belief that Christ died to save humanity.
  • 51 LIFE WITHOUT FESTIVALS The importance of festivals to everyone, Christian and non-Christian.
  • 53 LIVING IS BELIEVING What faith is, and its role in Christianity.
  • 55 LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR What the story of the Good Samaritan teaches.
  • 57 LOVE IN ACTION The concept of 'agape' in Christian practice.
  • 59 WHAT DOES CHRISTIANITY SAY? Differing Christian views on heaven and hell.
  • 61 ULTIMATE QUESTIONS The role of faith in considering the essentially unanswerable questions of the universe.



Symbols exercise useful for hearing impaired learners
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Great Resource, amazingly healpful.
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