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Using the Bible

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

Interesting, 'user-friendly' lessons which give students new understanding of why the Bible is viewed as a challenging book. A wide variety of activities and a practical, 'hands-on' approach use the Bible in a thought-provoking and constructive way.

Topics include: Understanding different types of literature in the Bible; Finding out about both the Christian and Jewish use of the Bible; Ways in which biblical teaching relates to moral questions; Finding your way around the Bible.

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Size: 63 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 257 0
Author(s): Janet Hayes
Code: USBI
Popularity rank: 342

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  • 7 WHAT'S IN IT? (K) Making a 3D diagram of the Bible to discover the range of styles and how the books are grouped.
  • 9 ONE FOR THE FUTURE (K, U, E) Looking at the Biblical role of prophets, and writing in role as a present-day prophet.
  • 11 GOD GRANT A VICTORY (U, E) Focusing on historical accounts by writing a newspaper account of the battle of Jericho.
  • 13 THIS IS YOUR LIFE (K, U) Exploring the biographical nature of the gospels by producing a 'This Is Your Life' programme on Jesus.
  • 15 THE LAW'S THE LAW (K, U, E) Understanding the role of letter writing in the New Testament and relating the teachings of Paul to the present day.
  • 17 THE TENAKH (K) Completing a wordsearch to discover how Jews group the books of the Old Testament.
  • 19 SONGS FROM THE KETUVIM (K, E) Looking at different types of psalms before writing a new 'psalm'.
  • 21 MEETING HABAKKUK (K, U, E) Thinking about the messages of prophets by writing in role as a person who met the prophet Habakkuk.
  • 23 LAW OR GUIDANCE? (K, U) Gaining an understanding of the meaning of liberal, fundamental and conservative Christianity, and how these views affect Biblical interpretation.
  • 25 GOD'S EARTH (K, U) Creating a poster based on Biblical references to the environment.


  • 27 CHURCH SERVICE (K, U, E) Discovering the elements which make up a church service, and planning a service.
  • 29 LET'S TALK (K, U) Gaining an understanding of the role of sermons, and writing one based on a Biblical text.
  • 31 THE LAST SUPPER (U, E) Considering the significance of the Last Supper by writing in role as one of the disciples.
  • 33 SPECIAL DAYS (K, U) Creating a chart which shows how Christian holy days are all based on events from the Bible.
  • 35 IT'S INSPIRATIONAL (K, U) Considering how Biblical passages can be used as a source of strength, comfort and inspiration, and designing cards carrying these messages.
  • 37 IN THE SYNAGOGUE (K, U) Learning about the importance of the Torah by matching pictures with explanations of traditions relating to the Torah.
  • 39 SHAVUOT (K, E) Learning about the festival of Shavuot and designing a children's book telling the story of Ruth.
  • 41 HOLY DAY (K, U) Compiling a chart to show how Jews spend their Sabbath using relevant Biblical texts which instruct Jews how to behave.
  • 43 COMFORT ME (K, U, E) Exploring the way in which individuals may seek comfort and help from the Bible when experiencing strong emotions and personal difficulties.
  • 45 REASON AND RESPECT (U, E) Looking at the difference between Chukim and Mishpatim laws, and discussing why laws are kept.


  • 47 AS GOOD AS EVER (U, E) Considering how Biblical laws can be applied to society today.
  • 49 A WARNING FOR THE WORLD (U, E) Looking at the prophecies in Revelations and designing a poster to show their relevance to the world and the environment today.
  • 51 DAILY BREAD? (K, U) Suggesting ways of dealing with everyday problems by seeking advice from the Bible.
  • 53 ON YOUR CONSCIENCE (U, E) Using the Bible to decide how a Christian might react to the problems of homelessness, drug abuse, sickness and natural disasters.
  • 55 THE SHEEP AND THE GOATS (U, E) Creating a poster of words and images to show how someone today could feed, comfort, and shelter the least fortunate people in society.
  • 57 MERCY OR MURDER? (K, U) Writing a letter giving a Christian viewpoint on euthanasia based on Biblical texts.
  • 59 TO KILL OR NOT TO KILL? (K, U) Discussing the Old Testament attitude to capital punishment, and the effect of the Jewish conditions as set out in the Talmud.
  • 61 THE SHARP TONGUE (U, E) Designing a leaflet for young people containing advice on thinking about the things they say based on Biblical teaching.



Graham Pickaver at Association of Christian Teachers

Highly recommended.
Was this review helpful to you?

Graham Pickaver at Association of Christian Teachers

... may help to reduce student negativism as it provides a diverse range of activities to give students the opportunity to explore the Bible.
Was this review helpful to you?

Graham Pickaver at Association of Christian Teachers

There is a very good lesson about special days showing how the Church calendar is based on events from the Bible.
Was this review helpful to you?

Graham Pickaver at Association of Christian Teachers

.. the range of activities is varied and stimulating.
Was this review helpful to you?

Graham Pickaver at Association of Christian Teachers

Each lesson is supplied with a range of Biblical texts that hopefully will lead the students back to the Bible and help them to see the relevance of this most bought but not necesarily read book!
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Graham Pickaver at Association of Christian Teachers

...this title does give some interesting student tasks to make the subject more relevant to their own experience and world.
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