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Cross-curricular Citizenship

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Age Range: KS3 KS4

Implement the Citizenship requirements across the curriculum with this superb pack. Written by a team of no fewer than five subject-specialist authors (all working teachers of course) the lessons present the classic topics of Citizenship through five separate curriculum subjects.

The aims are twofold: bring Citizenship alive for students, and make it subject-relevant for teachers. (Updated from: Key Themes in Citizenship)

Subjects supported are: RE (8 lessons KS3 and KS4); PSHE (6 lessons at KS3; 5 at KS4); History (5 lessons at KS3 and KS4); Geography (4 lessons at KS3; 5 at KS4); Maths (7 lessons at KS3; 8 at KS4).

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Size: 73 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 494 9
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Contents List



  • 7 YOU, ME AND EVERYONE Religious and ethnic identity in the UK and the need for respect and understanding. (RE focus)
  • 9 A HELPING HAND 1 Christian voluntary groups and the motives behind their work. (RE focus)
  • 11 A HELPING HAND 2 Mirror lesson from a Muslim perspective. (RE focus)
  • 13 CROSSING THE DIVIDE 1 An examination of ways of resolving conflict fairly and reflection upon the methods used by one Christian group. (RE focus)
  • 15 CROSSING THE DIVIDE 2 Mirror lesson from a Hindu perspective focusing on Mahatma Gandhi. (RE focus)
  • 17 IT'S MY RIGHT An examination of the Rights of the Child, the reasons for them and the challenges they present to a responsible society. (RE focus)
  • 19 WHY CARE? 1 The Christian ideal of the world as a global community, where everyone is equal, social justice prevails and all people are part of the Family of God. (RE focus)
  • 21 WHY CARE? 2 Mirror lesson from a Buddhist perspective. (RE focus)
  • 23 THE SAME, BUT DIFFERENT An investigation of the different groups that form UK society and why we need to be tolerant of each other. (PSHE focus)
  • 25 THE LAW AND YOU English law in relation to young people. What they can/cannot do at various ages and the ensuing responsibilities. (PSHE focus)
  • 27 HELPING OTHERS What motivates those who work for local community groups and the importance of such groups for the community. (PSHE focus)
  • 29 A RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN? What it means to be a responsible citizen in the UK. (PSHE focus)
  • 31 ACTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES The link between actions and consequences in the criminal justice system. (PSHE focus)
  • 33 THE EMPIRE RULES! The development and effects of the Empire and colonial rule. (History focus)
  • 35 ALL CHANGE The work of prison reformers with special reference to Elizabeth Fry. (History focus)
  • 37 UNITED UNDER ONE FLAG? The origins and development of the UN. (History focus)
  • 39 LAW AND ORDER The development of law and order in the UK. (History focus)
  • 41 A SLAVE NO MORE The abolition of the slave trade and reasons behind it. (History focus)
  • 43 HOLIDAY TIME The concept of interdependence and global citizenship through a study of tourism. (Geography focus)
  • 45 CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME? Attitudes to overseas aid and how this affects beliefs and values. (Geography focus)
  • 47 NOT IN MY BACK YARD The effects of environmental planning - the role of the government and of individuals. (Geography focus)
  • 49 EU AND ME The development and interdependence of countries in the EU. (Geography focus)
  • 51 COFFEE TRADING The uneven way in which proceeds from the sale of coffee are distributed. (Maths focus)
  • 53 FAIR TRADE An alternative - and maybe fairer - way of world trading. (Maths focus)
  • 55 REPRESENTING RESULTS Ways of presenting data. Drawing graphs and critically analysing them. (Maths focus)
  • 57 QUESTIONNAIRES How to construct an effective questionnaire. (Maths focus)
  • 59 EVERY VOTE COUNTS The importance of voting. (Maths focus)
  • 61 IMPROVING YOUR PARK Achievements by groups for the benefit of the community as a whole. (Maths focus)
  • 63 FUNDRAISING Different ways of fundraising and some of the difficulties involved. (Maths focus)
  • Web A PARTNER IN THE WORLD. There is an additional KS3 lesson to be found on the web at The subject is what it means to be a world citizen and the consequences. (PSHE focus)


  • 65 DOING THE RIGHT THING 1 The differing views held by the Christian church on abortion or euthanasia. (RE focus)
  • 67 DOING THE RIGHT THING 2 Mirror lesson from a Jewish perspective. (RE focus)
  • 69 AN EYE FOR AN EYE 1 Christian attitudes towards punishments for offenders. (RE focus)
  • 71 AN EYE FOR AN EYE 2 Mirror lesson from a Muslim perspective. (RE focus)
  • 73 MAKING WAVES The work of Martin Luther King: an individual influencing social change. (RE focus)
  • 75 A POWERFUL FORCE The role of the media, with special reference to TV and Internet evangelism. (RE focus)
  • 77 BEING RESPONSIBLE 1 Issues and challenges of global responsibility from a Christian point of view. (RE focus)
  • 79 BEING RESPONSIBLE 2 Mirror lesson from a Sikh perspective. (RE focus)
  • 81 BE FAIR The rights and responsibilities of employers and employees in the workplace. (PSHE focus)
  • 83 CONSUMER POWER The rights and responsibilities of consumers under the law. (PSHE focus)
  • 85 MONEY, MONEY, MONEY The need for responsibility in dealing with money at both personal and national levels. (PSHE focus)
  • 87 WHAT NEXT? The choices available post-16 and the rights and responsibilities in regard to work and training. (PSHE focus)
  • 89 CONTRACEPTION AND THE LAW The law relating to contraception. (PSHE focus)
  • 91 STRIKE! Attitudes to the General Strike in 1926 and the role of the media. (History focus)
  • 93 WE DEMAND REFORM! The electoral system and the 1832 Reform Act. (History focus)
  • 95 A STEP TOWARDS PEACE? The need to look at different views of a historical event. (History focus)
  • 97 MAKING IMPROVEMENTS The role of Dr Barnardo in bringing about social change (History focus)
  • 99 DIRTY WORK Improvements in working conditions for children in the 19th century. (History focus)
  • 101 ALL TOGETHER NOW International co-operation with a focus on rainforest destruction. (Geography focus)
  • 103 POPULATION PYRAMIDS Population pyramids: national and international differences. (Geography focus)
  • 105 SUMMER HOLIDAYS Pressures brought about by tourism especially in the EU. (Geography focus)
  • 107 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Ideas of interdependence and responsibility. (Geography focus)
  • 109 IN AND OUT Advantages and disadvantages of emigration and immigration. (Geography focus)
  • 111 RESEARCHING INFORMATION Learning to use the Internet to research and find information. (Maths focus)
  • 113 LOOKING AT DATA Reading and interpreting data in different graphical forms. (Maths focus)
  • 115 BORROWING MONEY Learning about some common lending procedures. (Maths focus)
  • 117 INTERNATIONAL DEBT The devastating effect of national debt on the citizens of poor countries. (Maths focus)
  • 119 RECYCLING Positive action that can be taken to increase recycling in Britain. (Maths focus)
  • 121 CHOOSE THE RIGHT AVERAGE Types of average - mean, mode and median - and when each should be used. (Maths focus)
  • 123 A CRITICAL EYE Looking at statistics with a critical eye. (Maths focus)
  • 125 WHO RECEIVES WHAT? The uneven distribution of profits involved inworld trade. (Maths focus)
  • 126 APPENDIX 1 Looking at Data (for use with page 115)
  • 133 PoS for CITIZENSHIP



Graham Thomas at Teacher adviser PSHE/Advisory and Inspection Services

On the whole a really useful pack. I feel that this pack is sufficiently flexible for schools to use in a variety of ways and that it has a useful crossreferencing section at the back which schools will be able to use as a planning tool to audit where modules can be added to provide a comprehensive programme. I was really interested in 4 main activity sheets. One was the every vote counts as this is a difficult and often dry topic to teach. I was also very interested in the helping hand and you, me and everyone sections as it gives a really good perspectrive on diversity considering the problems we are witnessing at present regarding race relations.
Was this review helpful to you?