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Stories with Activities, from Faith Communities

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Age Range: KS3

The favourite stories from six different world religions. As you would expect from Chalkface, each story is matched with a worksheet to help you build a superb activity-based lesson. The ideal resource to bring alive the diversity of human spirituality.

Stories include: Rama and Sita; The Birth of Krishna (Hinduism); Siddhartha Gautama (Buddhism); The Revelation of the Quran and The Hijra (Islam); Elijah and the Prophets of Baal (Judaism); Guru Nanak (Sikhism); The Crucifixion (Christianity).

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Size: 116 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 313 3
Author(s): Anne Patrick
Code: SWAF
Popularity rank: 231

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Contents List


SECTION 1 Stories from Buddhism: Siddhartha, Enlightenment, King Asoka, Kisa Gautami

  • 11 THE BIRTH OF SIDDHARTHA Aim: For students to understand the significance of the images in a religion.
  • 13 ENLIGHTENMENT Aim: Students learn, understand and reflect on the meaning of enlightenment.
  • 15 CONCENTRATION Aim: Students understand how Buddhists try to reach enlightenment.
  • 17 KING ASOKA Aim: Students understand how applying good ideas from religions (like helping others), in this case, Buddhist ideas, can lead to change for the better.
  • 19 KISA GAUTAMI Aim: Students evaluate what Buddhism is trying to teach about life and death through the telling of this story.

SECTION 2 Stories from Christianity: Nativity, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost

  • 25 A BOY IS BORN Aim: Students explore and develop understanding of the meaning of the gifts brought to the infant Jesus.
  • 27 THE CRUCIFIXION Aim: Students identify and analyse the emotions of the people involved in the crucifixion.
  • 29 HE IS RISEN! Aim: Students understand why Christians believe in the resurrection and learn why it is important to them.
  • 31 ASCENSION Aim: Students understand that Jesus was going to a higher place, not just 'going up'.
  • 33 METAMORPHOSIS Aim: Students learn the importance of the changes that happened to the apostles at Pentecost.

SECTION 3 Stories from Islam: Muhammad's Birth, The Night Of Power, The Hajj, Abu Bakr

  • 39 BIRTH OF THE PROPHET Aim: Students learn what the weighing of the heart means to Muslims.
  • 41 THE NIGHT OF POWER Aim: To learn how Muslims believe the Word of God was revealed. To understand the nature of 'revelation'.
  • 43 STARTING AGAIN Aim: Students learn how the story teaches us to change our ways.
  • 45 A GOOD EXAMPLE? Aim: To discuss and understand the qualities of leadership.

SECTION 4 Stories from Hinduism: The Birth Of Rama, Sri Krishna's Childhood, Rama And Sita, Mahabarata

  • 51 SRI RAMA Aim: Students learn how the story shows that joining forces is an effective way to defeat evil.
  • 53 SRI KRISHNA'S CHILDHOOD Aim: To understand how making a god seem human helps humans to relate to him.
  • 55 RAMA AND SITA Aim: Students evaluate the ways in which Rama and Sita are examples for people today.
  • 57 MAHABARATA Aim: Students try to understand the problem of conflict between duty and loyalty.

SECTION 5 Stories from Sikhism: Nanak And The Holy Men, Guru Nanak At The River, Hargobind And Diwali, The Khalsa Brotherhood

  • 63 GURU NANAK Aim: To evaluate the story in terms of the right and wrong ways to spend money.
  • 65 DARKNESS AND LIGHT Aim: Students think about how a single event can change a life.
  • 67 GURU HARGOBIND Aim: Students consider the meaning behind the story of the freeing of Hargobind.
  • 69 THE KHALSA BROTHERHOOD Aim: Students explore the idea of belonging to a group.

SECTION 6 Stories from Judaism: Abraham's Call, Joseph, Passover, Elijah And The Prophets Of Baal, Esther And Purim, Hanukkah

  • 75 ABRAHAM'S CALL Aim: Students learn how faith was tested and why this is important.
  • 77 JOSEPH Aim: Students learn how the story shows that God has a plan.
  • 79 PASSOVER Aim: Students learn the significance of the food eaten by Jews at Passover.
  • 81 ELIJAH Aim: Students learn how a religion might show that God is powerful.
  • 83 ESTHER AND PURIM Aim: Students learn how power may be used for good or evil.
  • 85 HANUKKAH Aim: Students learn what Hanukkah means for Jews today.

SECTION 7 Appendices

  • 89-115 Stories upon which the worksheets in this pack are based.