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Certificate of Achievement in History: The Modern World

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Age Range: KS4

Structured around the CoA course, worksheets are text-light, have a low reading age and help students to build coursework files at their own pace. Teachers Notes give information on assessment and exam boards' requirements.

Sections include: WW1 and WW2: Home Front; International relations 19191989; Germany 19181945; Russia 19051953; USA 19191990; The Cold War; South Africa 19451994.

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Size: 82 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 232 7
Author(s): Nigel Bushnell
Code: CAHM
Popularity rank: 365

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Contents List


World War One

  • 7 JOIN THE ARMY Reasons why men volunteered for the services; conscription; conscientious objectors.
  • 9 THE HOME FRONT The home front and the Defence of the Realm Act.
  • 11 WOMEN AND WAR Changes in women's employment and their lives during the war.
  • 13 CHANGING LIVES Coursework assignment/guidance: (Objective B - see page 4). How did World War One change the lives of people in Britain?

International Relations 1919-1989

  • 15 TREATY OF VERSAILLES What different signatories wanted from the Treaty.
  • 17 LEAGUE OF NATIONS What it was, its aims, and how it tried to achieve them.
  • 19 APPEASEMENT The gradual failure of the policy of appeasement is charted.
  • 21 BETWEEN THE WARS Coursework assignment/guidance: (Objective A - see page 4). What were the main international events that occurred in Europe between the wars?

World War Two

  • 23 PREPARATIONS FOR WAR How a country prepares its population for an impending war.
  • 25 THE BLITZ 1 Uses eye-witness accounts to introduce life during the Blitz.
  • 27 THE BLITZ 2 Contrasts different people's attitudes during the Blitz.
  • 29 WAR AND DAILY LIFE Coursework assignment/guidance: (Objective C - see page 4). What actions did the Government take in World War Two that affected people's lives? (Source-based assignment).

Germany 1918-1945

  • 31 THE RISE OF HITLER Looks at conditions in Germany which allowed Hitler's rise to power.
  • 33 HITLER AND YOUTH Looks at how Hitler sought to control young Germans growing up in the 1930s.
  • 35 ANTI-SEMITISM Charts and assesses the impact of increasing anti-Semitic legislation and actions in Germany.
  • 37 NAZISM Coursework assignment/guidance: (Objectives A & E - see page 4).Explain Hitler's rise to power and its consequences.

Russia 1905-1953

  • 39 WHY REVOLUTION? The reasons for the revolution.
  • 41 LENIN'S RULE Details the changes Lenin created in Russia.
  • 43 STALIN Assesses Stalin's rule of the USSR.
  • 45 HOW DID RUSSIA CHANGE? Coursework assignment/guidance: (Objective B - see page 4). How did Russia change between 1905 and 1953?

USA 1919-1941

  • 47 PROHIBITION What it was and what happened during Prohibition.
  • 49 THE WALL STREET CRASH Economic and social effects of the Crash.
  • 51 THE NEW DEAL Life during the Depression and the Government's plans to help.
  • 53 ORDINARY LIVES Coursework assignment/guidance: (Objective A - see page 4). What were the problems faced by ordinary Americans in the 1920s and 30s?

USA 1941-1990

  • 55 BLACK AMERICANS AT WAR How participating in the war changed the lot of black Americans.
  • 57 THE KKK The organisation and its aims.
  • 59 CIVIL RIGHTS Main steps on the road to greater civil rights, and the split between violent and non-violent factions within the movement.
  • 61 A BETTER LIFE? Coursework assignment/guidance: (Objectives D & E - see page 4).What gains did black Americans make in the USA between 1945 and 1980?

The Cold War

  • 63 THE BERLIN AIRLIFT How Berlin was divided after the war. Graph work.
  • 65 CUBA AND THE ARMS RACE The stages in the Cuban missile crisis.
  • 67 VIETNAM Why America became involved, and the range of opinion for and against the Americans' involvement.
  • 69 CAPITALISM v COMMUNISM Coursework assignment/guidance: (Objective B - see page 4). Explain how the clash of capitalism and Communism caused various conflicts and crises during the Cold War.

South Africa 1945-1994

  • 71 APARTHEID What it aimed to achieve and what sort of country it created.
  • 73 SOUTH AFRICA AND THE WORLD How the world responded to South Africa.
  • 75 BLACK RESISTANCE The ANC; armed and passive resistance to apartheid.
  • 77 THE RISE AND FALL OF APARTHEID Coursework assignment/guidance: (Objective A - see page 4). Apartheid: what it means, how other countries reacted to it and what black people did in South Africa to oppose it.


  • 79 APPENDIX 2 For page 25, THE BLITZ 1.
  • 80 APPENDIX 3 For page 43, STALIN.
  • 81 APPENDIX 4 For page 63, THE BERLIN AIRLIFT.