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History Lessons with Homework: Britain 1750-1900

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

Interesting homework tasks which are linked to corresponding classroom activities and which provide valuable continuity of learning at KS3. Based on NC guidelines, assessment opportunities are included.

Topics include: Population; Agricultural Revolution; Industrial Revolution; Transport; Social conditions; Information gathering.

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Size: 63 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 234 1
Author(s): Rachael Norman
Code: HLBR
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Contents List


  • 7 POPULATION Students examine how the population changed during the Industrial Revolution, through plotting a bar chart.


  • 9 ENCLOSURE Students draw a table to help them understand the disadvantages of the open field system and the advantages of enclosure.
  • 11 CROPS Students recognise the advantages of the enclosure method of farming by filling in some diagrams and designing a poster.
  • 13 FARM MACHINERY Students learn how machinery helped farming become more efficient by studying 'before' and 'after' pictures, and by designing an advertisement for the new seed drill.


  • 15 STEAM POWER Students learn about the development of steam power, by matching labels to pictures and identifying problems.
  • 17 FACTORY SYSTEM Students learn about the change from the domestic to the factory system, by making a list and writing a diary entry.
  • 19 TEXTILE MACHINERY Students learn about innovations in factory machinery by playing a game.
  • 21 COAL MINING A matching exercise helps students to investigate the problems of mining coal.
  • 23 DOWN THE PIT! Writing a report enables students to examine the dangers of working in a mine.
  • 25 ROADS: PROBLEMS Students identify the problems of travelling on an 18th century road through labelling a diagram and writing a news report.


  • 27 ROADS: SOLUTIONS Students identify with a Turnpike Trust, when they design a leaflet to persuade road users that tollbooths are necessary.
  • 29 CANAL MANIA Students write a letter to help them explore why canals gained such popularity as a means of transporting goods.
  • 31 CANALS Students investigate the problems involved in building and using canals, through writing a report.
  • 33 RAILWAYS Through a campaign and a debate, students explore how different people viewed the development of the railways.
  • 35 RAILWAY NAVVIES By empathising with the navvies, students imagine what their lives were like.

Industrial Life

  • 37 WOMEN Students draw up a chart to help them understand the differences between the lives of the rich and the poor.
  • 39 FACTORY LIFE Students explore what life was like for children in factories through creating a speech.
  • 41 FACTORY REFORM Writing a report and designing a poster helps students to understand the dangers of mill work.
  • 43 TOWN LIFE Students write a report about living conditions in an industrial town.

Education & Health

  • 45 PUBLIC HEALTH By writing a job description, students learn about Edwin Chadwick's life.
  • 47 SCHOOLS Students write an essay explaining the different types of schools available in the 1800s.
  • 49 SCHOOL REFORM Students learn about various school reforms by constructing a timeline.
  • 51 MEDICINE A diary entry helps students to understand how improvements in treatments and prevention affected patients.


  • 53 ENTERTAINMENT Students realise that in some respects life was improving as they get to write a postcard from Blackpool.
  • 55 SPORT Students arrange sports between 1750 and 1900 into chronological order, and design a trophy for the winners of the football league.
  • 57 THE GREAT EXHIBITION Students understand what the Great Exhibition was and consider its similarities to the Millennium Dome, by designing a poster.


  • 59 EMPIRE Students explore the advantages and disadvantages of the British Empire, by writing an essay.
  • 61 PARLIAMENTARY REFORM Students design a leaflet gathering support for the Chartist Movement.

Additional Resources: Online Assessment

Preview tests forTransport, Textiles and The Agricultural Revolution delivered via our Yacapaca assessment system.

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Excellent worksheets and usefull for pupils working away from the classroom as are self explanitors while meaningful.
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always gives good samples
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