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Hitler and Nazi Germany

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Age Range: KS3 KS4

Flexible for use with any GCSE syllabus, students focus on the reactions of individuals and groups to the plight of inter-war Germany. Highly illustrative worksheets involve the student in decision-making and evaluative activities which enable them to expand their knowledge and form their own balanced viewpoint.

Topics include: After WWI; Weimar Republic; German Revolution; Treaty of Versailles; Political Unrest under Ebert; Growth of the Nazi Party; Invasion of the Ruhr; Hyper-inflation; The Munich Putsch; The Stresemann Era; The Great Depression; Nazi Party 1928-33; Propaganda; The Power Struggle; The Enabling Act; The Reichstag Fire; The Night of the Long Knives; Nazi Police State; Opposition to the Nazis; The Church; Women in Nazi Germany; The Economy; Persecution and Indoctrination against the Jews; Crystal Night; The Final Solution; Who benefited from Nazi Germany?; Germany at War.

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Size: 67 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 502 1
Author(s): Shantha Appavoo
Code: HANG
Popularity rank: 102
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Contents List


  • 7 PROBLEMS AFTER THE FIRST WORLD WAR Students will understand the key problems facing Germany after the Armistice in 1918. KS3 and 4.
  • 9 THE GERMAN REVOLUTION Students will learn about the events of the Spartacist uprising and their significance. KS4.
  • 11 THE WEIMER REPUBLIC Students will learn about the main features of the Weimar Government. KS4.
  • 13 THE TREATY OF VERSAILLES Students will develop an understanding of why the German people felt the Treaty of Versailles was unjust. KS3 and 4.
  • 15 POLITICAL UNREST UNDER EBERT Students will understand the nature of the political unrest in Germany during the years 1919 and 1923. KS4.
  • 17 THE GROWTH OF THE NAZI PARTY Students will learn about the beginnings of the Nazi Party in 1920 and what Hitler's role was. KS3 and 4.
  • 19 THE INVASION OF THE RUHR Students will understand how the invasion of the Ruhr Valley by the French and Belgian armies led to a year of hyperinflation for Germany. KS4. (This lesson is linked to Hyperinflation and The Munich Putsch.)
  • 21 HYPERINFLATION Students will learn how to describe and explain the reasons for and results of hyperinflation in Germany in 1923. KS3 and 4. (This lesson is linked to The Invasion of the Ruhr and The Munich Putsch.)
  • 23 THE MUNICH PUTSCH 1923 Students will identify reasons why the Nazi Party attempted the Munich Putsch in 1923 and the factors that led to its failure. KS3 and 4. (This lesson is linked to The Invasion of the Ruhr and Hyperinflation.)
  • 25 THE STRESEMANN ERA 1923 - 29 Students will understand the extent that Gustav Stresemann was responsible for the recovery of the Weimar Republic until 1929. KS4.
  • 27 THE GREAT DEPRESSION Students will understand how the Great Depression led to the growth of fascism and communism. KS4.
  • 29 THE NAZI PARTY 1928 - 33 Students will understand how the Nazi Party increased their support in the early 1930s. KS3 and 4.
  • 31 PROPAGANDA Students will develop an awareness of the range of propaganda methods used by the Nazi Party to gain public support. KS3 and 4.
  • 33 THE POWER STRUGGLE Students will focus on the chronology and methods by which the Nazi Party gained political control of Germany. KS4.
  • 35 THE REICHSTAG FIRE Students will develop an awareness of how the Reichstag Fire influenced the outcome of the 1933 election. KS4.
  • 37 THE ENABLING ACT Students will understand how the Nazis used the Enabling Act to take control of Germany and effectively end democracy. KS4.
  • 39 THE NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES Students will understand the causes and consequences of the Night of the Long Knives. KS4.
  • 41 THE NAZI POLICE STATE Students will build an awareness of the effectiveness of Nazi control over life in Germany. KS3 and 4.
  • 43 OPPOSITION TO THE NAZI PARTY Students will understand how the Nazi Party authorities dealt with any opposition groups. KS3 and 4.
  • 45 THE CHURCH IN NAZI GERMANY Students will understand the relationship between the Nazi Party and the Christian churches and analyse the results of Nazi hostility to such churches. KS4.
  • 47 WOMEN IN NAZI GERMANY Students will understand how the role of women changed under the Nazi's rule of Germany. KS3 and 4.
  • 49 THE NAZI ECONOMY Students will understand Hitler's principle aims for the German economy and how effectively they were expressed. KS4.
  • 51 INDOCTRINATION OF THE YOUNG Students will understand the Nazi methods used to influence and control the German youth. KS3 and 4.
  • 53 PERSECUTION OF THE JEWS Students will understand the key steps in the Nazi persecution of the Jews. KS3 and 4. (This lesson is linked to Kristallnacht 1938.)
  • 55 KRISTALLNACHT 1938 Students will understand the significance of Kristallnacht in the Nazi campaign of persecution against the Jews. KS3 and 4. (This lesson is linked to Persecution of the Jews.)
  • 57 THE FINAL SOLUTION Students will understand the Nazi plans for the final destruction of the Jewish race in Eastern Europe. KS3 and 4.
  • 59 WHO BENEFITED FROM NAZI GERMANY Students will be aware of ways in which groups in Germany benefited and ways in which they were worse off under Nazi rule. KS4.
  • 61 GERMANY AT WAR Students will understand how the Second World War affected Germany's civilian population. KS3 and 4.


  • 62 (1) The Events of the German Revolution For use with THE GERMAN REVOLUTION, page 9.
  • 63 (2) The Growth of the Nazi Party For use with THE GROWTH OF THE NAZI PARTY, page 17.
  • 64 (3) Germany's Problems For use with HYPERINFLATION, page 21 and THE MUNICH PUTSCH 1923 page 23.
  • 65 (4) The Munich Putsch 1923 For use with THE MUNICH PUTSCH 1923, page 23.
  • 66 (5) The Stresemann Era For use with THE STRESEMANN ERA 1923 - 29, page 25.
  • 67 (6) The Reichstag Fire For use with THE REICHSTAG FIRE, page 35.
  • 68 (7) The Night of the Long Knives For use with THE NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES, page 39.
  • 69 (8) The Nazi Police State For use with THE NAZI POLICE STATE, page 41.
  • 70 (9) The Church in Nazi Germany For use with THE CHURCH IN NAZI GERMANY, page 45.
  • 71 (10) Indoctrination of the Young For use with INDOCTRINATION OF THE YOUNG, page 51.

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Name and school withheld.

This is a very valuable resource, which doesn't only save preparation time but also makes the history lesson much more enjoyable and the learning faster.
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Excellent worksheets and usefull for pupils working away from the classroom as are self explanitors while meaningful.
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Sharon Mann

This resource came promptly and I have found it very useful when teaching my year 10 class. Additional resources are required eg textbooks, but it an excellent supplement.
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Name and school withheld.

I've found it very useful as consolidation material for the able pupil and the illustrations useful for the less able. Well worth buying.
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