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History Lessons with Homework: Black People of the Americas

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Age Range: KS3

Interesting homework tasks which are linked to corresponding classroom activities and which provide valuable continuity of learning at KS3. Opportunities for assessment and guidelines for differentiation are built-in.

Topics include: Discovering the extent of slavery; Experiences of black people on a plantation; The life and work of Marcus Garvey.

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Size: 64 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 233 4
Author(s): Anthony Smith
Code: HLBP
Popularity rank: 90

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Contents List


The Slave Trade

  • 7 AFRICA BEFORE SLAVERY Students learn about Africa in 1550 and use the information to write magazine articles.
  • 9 WHAT IS SLAVERY? Students explore what slavery means and produce an encyclopaedia entry on the subject.
  • 11 TRIANGULAR TRADE. A map enables students to write a newspaper article about the triangular trade between Africa, America and Europe.
  • 13 THE MIDDLE PASSAGE Students use roleplay to explore conditions on a slave ship.

The Life of a Slave

  • 15 THE RAW MATERIALS Students produce a map showing American colonies and the raw materials produced by slaves there.
  • 17 THE PRICE OF PROFIT Students explore how individuals benefited and suffered as a result of slavery.
  • 19 LIVING BY THE RULES Students look at some of the rules imposed on slaves and consider the consequences.
  • 21 THE BOOK OF LIVES Students discover what made a slave valuable in the eyes of a slave owner.
  • 23 TO BE FREE IS VERY SWEET Students roleplay an interview with a freed slave based on the life of Mary Prince, and plan a report on life as a slave.

Abolition of Slavery

  • 25 NANNY AND THE MAROONS Students use information about communities of escaped slaves to produce television programmes.
  • 27 REVOLUTION IN HAITI Students produce posters exploring the causes of the slave revolt in Haiti and reasons for its success.
  • 29 SLAVERY IS ODIOUS Students write abolition speeches based on the moral arguments against slavery.
  • 31 WHY DID IT END? Students explore the reasons for the abolition of slavery.

The American Civil War

  • 33 A COUNTRY DIVIDED Students consider the reasons for the American civil war, including the issue of slavery.
  • 35 BUFFALO SOLDIERS Students use extracts from letters to gain an understanding of the experiences of black soldiers during the American civil war.
  • 37 ADVISING THE PRESIDENT Students use information about the life of Sojourner Truth to write a film script of her meeting with President Lincoln.

Civil Rights in the 20th Century

  • 39 JIM CROW Students learn about the growth of segregation after the civil war.
  • 41 WAYS AND MEANS Students find out about the different campaign approaches of Booker T Washington and W E B Du Bois.
  • 43 OUR OWN LAND Students find out about the beliefs of Marcus Garvey and design a museum display based on this.
  • 45 A LONG WAY TO GO Students learn about some of the self-help organisations set up by black people.
  • 47 SING AMERICA Students look at a poem and discuss what it tells them about the life of a black man living in America in 1930.
  • 49 FIGHTING ABROAD Students consider the implications of segregation in the American armed forces during the second world war.
  • 51 GETTING INTO SCHOOL This page re-tells the events at Little Rock, Arkansas, to help students explore how segregation was fought in the 1950s.
  • 53 ROSA PARKS Students learn about the Montgomery Bus Boycott and consider the effectiveness of non-violent protests.
  • 55 JOURNEYING SOUTH Students produce radio programmes on the Freedom Rides and sit-ins of the 1960s.
  • 57 YOU WILL UNDERSTAND Students analyse extracts from a Martin Luther King letter written from Birmingham Jail in 1963.
  • 59 MALCOLM X Students reflect on the turning points in the life of Malcolm X and produce a film script based on one of them.
  • 61 WHO IS IT? Students complete a quiz about Black People of Achievement.
  • 62 APPENDIX 1 For 'The Raw Materials': Outline map showing European colonies in America at the end of the 18th century.
  • 63 APPENDIX 2 For 'Why did it End?': Reasons for the end of slavery.
  • 64 DATA RECORD PAGE Assessment grid.