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Great Citizens: Black and Female Role Models

Price: £35.00
Age Range: KS3

Explore with your KS3 students the effect these role models in history had on society. Worksheets and lesson plans focus on black and female role models in history. Includes several resources appropriate for use during Black History month and in discussions on Black American history. Associated biographies in the teachers' notes offer opportunities for further study.

Role models include: Nelson Mandela; Elizabeth Fry; Martin Luther King; Helen Sharman; Elizabeth I; Mahatma Gandhi; Maya Angelou.

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Size: 85 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 229 7
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Contents List


  • 9 MARGARET PASTON Students look at life on a medieval estate and examine Margaret's unusual role as head of the estate.
  • 11 HILDA OF WHITBY Lesson plan examines why a woman might choose to enter a convent and looks at the life of a medieval nun.
  • 13 JOAN OF ARC Students understand the importance of personality in history through the story of Joan of Arc.
  • 15 ELIZABETH I Students appreciate the life of Elizabeth as a historical female role model and the age in which she lived.
  • 17 BESS OF HARDWICK Students study the life of Bess of Hardwick and the effect of wealth and power in the sixteenth century.
  • 19 OLAUDAH EQUIANO Worksheet examines the influence that Olaudah Equiano had in abolishing the slave trade.
  • 21 HARRIET TUBMAN Lesson plan looks at the role of Harriet Tubman in the abolition of slavery.
  • 23 MARY SEACOLE Students examine the life of Mary Seacole, looking at the effects that individuals can have on history.
  • 25 FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE Students look at the life and work of Florence Nightingale, and consider the inspiration she provided to others.
  • 27 ELIZABETH GARRETT ANDERSON Students gain an insight into the obstacles women faced in joining professions, through looking at the life of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson.
  • 29 ELIZABETH FRY Looks at prison conditions in the nineteenth century and the influence that individuals such as Elizabeth Fry can have in changing society.
  • 31 EMMELINE AND CHRISTABEL PANKHURST Students examine the role played by the Pankhursts in gaining votes for women.
  • 33 MARIE STOPES Students understand the influence of the life and works of Marie Stopes.
  • 35 ANNE FRANK Students look at the story of Anne Frank and appreciate the value and impact of historical evidence.
  • 37 JESSE OWENS Worksheet examines the relationship between sport and politics in the 1930s.
  • 39 MAHATMA GANDHI Students consider the effect that personality can have on history through looking at the life of Gandhi.
  • 41 ROSA PARKS Students consider how one event can cause change in history.
  • 43 MARTIN LUTHER KING Looks at the potential effects of non-violent protests.
  • 45 GOLDA MEIR Through examining the life of Golda Meir, students learn how an individual can make a difference in history.
  • 47 MARIE CURIE Students consider the work of Marie Curie and its effects.
  • 49 AMY JOHNSON Examines the achievements of Amy Johnson and how these changed people's perceptions.
  • 51 HELEN SHARMAN Looks at being an astronaut through the life of Helen Sharman.
  • 53 CECILY SAUNDERS Students understand what a hospice is and its role in today's world.
  • 55 NELSON MANDELA Students consider Mandela's life.
  • 57 MAYA ANGELOU Gives students an example of the human spirit surviving adversity.
  • 59 UNSUNG HEROES Considers the idea of heroism in everyday life and asks students to think about the sacrifices made by others.



sally newland

some of the material is not particularly new or innovative, however good value at the reduced price
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