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An Alternative to Exclusion

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Age Range: KS3

Find an alternative for KS3 students who are at risk of exclusion from school. These lesson plans and worksheets target KS3 students who are at risk of school expulsion or exclusion due to their behaviour. Designed to help students evaluate where they are, where they want to be, and how to achieve their goals. Use worksheets in the classroom or with the student's tutor, counsellor, or social worker. Lesson plans and worksheets place particular emphasis on the impact of parental involvement on a student's behaviour in school. Resources are most suited for Key Stage 3, but may also be used for older students.

Exclusion lesson plans and worksheets topics include: Self-reflection; Goal Setting; Friends and Family; A Critical Look at School; Improving Confidence and Self-esteem; How Others See You; Analysing Your Qualities; Recognising Your Strengths and Weaknesses; Avoiding Exclusion.

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Size: 64 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 211 2
Author(s): Phil Freeman
Code: AATE
Popularity rank: 160
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Contents List


  • WHY AM I HERE - This worksheet reflects upon the student's current situation, and identifies contributory factors.
  • ME IN MY PREVIOUS SCHOOL - Use this lesson to discuss the significance of experiences in previous schools.
  • ME IN MY PRESENT SCHOOL - Examine the student's progress to date in the present school with this worksheet.
  • MY GOOD POINTS - Use this worksheet to identify and encourage the student to appreciate his or her good qualities and aptitudes in school.
  • MY FAULTS - Use this lesson to encourage the student to identify his or her faults, and how they can be overcome.
  • THINGS I DO WELL - This worksheet identifies the student's skills, and how to make others aware of these skills.
  • THINGS I COULD DO BETTER - This lesson considers ways of (and benefits from) improving performance.
  • ME AND MY FRIENDS - This lesson analyses the effect of personal friendship patterns on behaviour.
  • ME AND MY FAMILY - Use this worksheet to relate home circumstances to behaviour, progress, and possible exclusion from school.
  • AS OTHERS SEE IT - This lesson compares the student's own self-image with the image projected to other people.
  • OUT OF SCHOOL - A lesson plan that addresses making more effective use of leisure time to improve progress in school.
  • THE RIGHT RESPONSE - This lesson encourages the use of assertive responses in confrontational situations.
  • SELF-ESTEEM - Use this lesson to develops the student's understanding of self-esteem, and the effects of low self-esteem.
  • CONFIDENCE - This worksheet explores ways of developing confidence (in contrast to arrogance or self-effacement).
  • REWARDS & SANCTIONS AT HOME - Use this worksheet to assess the fairness and effectiveness of rewards and sanctions used in the home.
  • REWARDS & SANCTIONS - Use this worksheet to assess the fairness and effectiveness of rewards and sanctions used in school.
  • SHORT-TERM GOALS - This lesson plan addresses modifying behaviour and avoiding exclusion through the setting of short-term goals.
  • MEDIUM-TERM GOALS - This lesson plan addresses modifying behaviour and avoiding exclusion through the setting of medium-term goals.
  • LONG-TERM GOALS - This lesson plan addresses achieving personal aspirations through the setting of long-term goals.
  • MY LESSONS - These worksheets provide an effective daily record for monitoring work and behaviour in lessons.
  • TEACHERS - This lesson encourages greater insight of teaching incidents, and the difficulties teachers face from students in danger of exclusion.
  • SCHOOL - This lesson examines the role of schools in today's society, and the need for structure in running them to avoid exclusion.
  • PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP ME - This worksheet addresses identifying the people who can help the student overcome problems.
  • MY HEALTH - This lesson raises awareness of the ways in which poor health can affect progress and behaviour in school.
  • ATTENDANCE & PUNCTUALITY - Use this worksheet to address analysing and improving attendance and punctuality.
  • TROUBLE SPOTS - This worksheet identifies where trouble occurs in school, and how disturbances can be prevented.
  • KEEPING COOL - This lesson plan develops strategies for keeping calm in confrontational situations.
  • MEASURING PROGRESS - This lesson identifies indicators that can be used to monitor the student's progress.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS - This lesson plan examines the concept of Special Needs, and positive strategies to meet these needs in a school environment without resorting to exclusion or expulsion.
  • MY FUTURE - This lesson and worksheet instil confidence in the student that any current problems will eventually be overcome, that the student does not need to face exclusion from school.



Superb activities and ideal for the age group. Students really identified and responded well to the activities. Would highly recommend.
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A very good resource to use with difficult pupils either when on internal isolation or when working with the Learning Mentor
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