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Better Classroom Behaviour

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3 KS4

By identifying benchmarks and creating behaviour goals, this pack addresses the issues of attitude which affect learning outcomes.

Issues addressed include: Transforming aggression into assertion; Improving motivation in problem subject areas; Welcoming initiative; Developing concentration span; Relating school to outside life.

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Size: 66 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 448 2
Code: BECB
Popularity rank: 141
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Contents List


  • 11 WHY HAVE SCHOOLS? The role of schools in promoting learning and good behaviour
  • 13 MY PREVIOUS SCHOOL Focusing on learning and development in previous schools
  • 15 TICKS AND CROSSES Evaluating the system of rewards and sanctions in the school
  • 17 RULES OKAY A prioritising task to assess the relative importance of particular rules in society
  • 19 RULES AT WORK AND PLAY Looking at the importance of rules at work and in sport
  • 21 WHAT A GOOD LESSON! Discussing the conditions necessary for effective learning
  • 23 TEACHERS ARE HUMAN TOO A scriptwriting activity to raise awareness of teachers' feelings and emotions
  • 25 BE NICE TO YOUR TEACHER Devising guidelines to promote positive behaviour in class
  • 27 WHERE YOU WORK A design activity focusing on how the arrangement of furniture can affect the working environment
  • 29 THEY'RE DISTRACTING ME! How to deal with anti-social and distracting behaviour
  • 31 A PLEASANT ENVIRONMENT Planning a campaign to improve the school environment
  • 33 BEHIND THE BIKE SHEDS Encouraging better behaviour in the school's 'trouble spots'
  • 35 PARTNERSHIP The partnership of parents, students and school in effective education
  • 37 THE IMAGE PROBLEM Reflecting on the school's image in the wider community
  • 39 IN MY DAY... Analysing how education and schools have changed over the years
  • 41 RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT Looking at Records of Achievement and their purpose
  • 43 GOOD TIMING Devising strategies for improving attendance and punctuality
  • 45 BE SMART Producing a plan for encouraging the school to wear the uniform correctly
  • 47 TOOLS OF THE TRADE Creating a story to illustrate the importance of having all the equipment necessary for lessons
  • 49 ROLE MODELS Raising awareness of the importance of suitable role models
  • 51 BEING PRACTICAL Focusing on the need for clear behaviour guidelines in practical lessons
  • 53 IN GROUPS A planning activity focusing on the skills of group work
  • 55 CLASS CLOWN Devising strategies for dealing with class attention-seekers
  • 57 TALKING OUT OF TURN Looking at the importance of appropriate language
  • 59 NO AGGRO Planning a documentary on the subject of aggression and violence in school
  • 61 BULLYING OFF Creating a policy for dealing with bullying
  • 63 MIXED OR SINGLES? Debating the advantages and disadvantages of single sex learning
  • 65 I'M OKAY Devising strategies for raising self- esteem



Name and school withheld.

Great resource :-)
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Name and school withheld.

I cannot comment as I have not made full use of this product yet, but what I have implemented seems to be good.
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We haven't had a chance to use this one yet, but I have every confidence in the quality of chalkface resources. I have been useing them for over fifteen years now, with a challenging group of young people in an alternative education setting. During that time we have been able to adapt the worksheets and session plans to suit various accreditation schemes and situations. I'm introducing these latest downloads to a new generation of classroom assistants and volunteers.
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A wonderful resource, with some very good ideas for students with behaviour problems
Was this review helpful to you?

A wonderful resource, with some very good ideas for students with behaviour problems
Was this review helpful to you?

Name and school withheld.

The book provides good topics for discussion but I would also have liked some practical ideas on how to deal with specific behavioral problems such as how to deal with distractions etc.
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