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Developing Reading Skills at Key Stage 4

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS4

This structured approach to paired reading ensures a benefit to both students involved. Bite-sized texts and follow-up activities are suitable for low reading ages without being patronising. Set-up guidance is given in the Teachers' Notes. (Updated from: Helping Reluctant Readers Through Paired Reading)

Topics include: Formal and informal styles of writing; Layout in magazines; Reading and following instructions; Taking notes.

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Size: 66 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 439 0
Code: DRS4
Popularity rank: 235

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Contents List


  • 9 SMASHING TIME Helps students differentiate between formal and informal writing styles.
  • 11 STARSTRUCK LOVERS Encourages students to 'read between the lines'.
  • 13 WHAT'S ON THE BOX? Familiarises students with the layout and conventions of TV listings.
  • 15 THE DATING GAME Demonstrates the conventions of calendars.
  • 17 DROP ME A LINE Students practise making deductions.
  • 19 YOURS SINCERELY Students consider the appropriate content and style for business letters.
  • 21 GET THE CASH Gives practice in following and writing instructions.
  • 23 A NIGHT ON THE TOWN Students explore descriptive language.
  • 25 COME AND MEET US Shows students ways of imparting information.
  • 27 ZOOM LENS Shows how to analyse and write news stories.
  • 29 BULLY OFF Students practise identifying essential points from a piece of text.
  • 31 P/TIME ASS. WANTED ASAP Gives students experience in interpreting abbreviations.
  • 33 EXTRA HAM AND CHEESE A useful social skills exercise in ordering from a 'fast food' menu.
  • 35 FRESH START Helps students to form strategies for prioritising charity appeals.
  • 37 PACKING UP Provides practice in using catalogues and budgeting.
  • 39 TAKE THAT CALL Combines telephone skills with note-making.
  • 41 WHERE'S JENNY? Offers students the chance to respond emotionally to a short text.
  • 43 BOYS DON'T BABYSIT Allows students to explore dialogue.
  • 45 DOWN THE PLUG HOLE Provides a stimulus for students to write a conversation.
  • 47 IT'S HEAVEN Introduces concepts of atmosphere and intent to encourage descriptive writing.
  • 49 RHYMING TIME Demonstrates the use of rhyme in poetry.
  • 51 IS IT A POEM? Looks at the conventions of poetry and how it differs from prose.
  • 53 THE GAMEKEEPER'S REVENGE Introduces the concept of style.
  • 55 ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE Students consider the elements of character description.
  • 57 TOP OF THE LEAGUE Shows how to use a key to 'decode' information in a table.
  • 59 GOOD JOB YOU'RE NOT HERE! Students respond to a holiday advert.
  • 61 FROM MUM Explores the concepts of fluency and clarity in written communication.
  • 63 A BREEZE BLEW Differentiates between factual and impressionistic accounts.
  • 64 APPENDIX English KS3/4 Reading - Programme of Study