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Managing Coursework

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS4 KS4+

Helps students develop strategies for dealing effectively with the pressures and demands of coursework, and for improving organisation and time management.

Topics include: Why do coursework?; Getting an overall view; Assessing coursework demands; Prioritising assignments; Final presentation.

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Size: 73 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 100 9
Code: MACW
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Contents List


  • 1 WHY DO COURSEWORK? Students solve a wordsearch exercise to help them identify the skills and benefits of coursework.
  • 3 WHAT DOES IT MEAN Activity enabling students to assess their FOR ME? individual coursework demands and deadlines across a range of subjects.
  • 5 GETTING AN OVERVIEW Planning activity where students fill in a chart identifying key times and events in the coursework period.
  • 7 THINGS THAT HELP Students design a poster to raise awareness of the range of information sources available.
  • 9 THE TIME, THE PLACE Exercise to help students identify the best times and places for them to work on coursework assignments.
  • 11 I CAN'T GET STARTED! Telephone roleplay activity dealing with problems which cause students to put off starting their work.
  • 13 FIRST THINGS FIRST Ordering activity to introduce the principles of prioritising.
  • 15 GETTING GOING Students identify the stages of a coursework assignment and complete an action plan.
  • 17 DIFFERENT DEMANDS 'Problem page' activity focusing on the importance of planning for several pieces of work at once.
  • 19 WHEN YOUR PLAN Exercise to help students recognise the BREAKS DOWN importance of re-assessing and re-planning if they encounter problems.
  • 21 ASKING FOR HELP Roleplay activity focusing on appropriate ways of asking for help with coursework.
  • 23 WHY DRAFT? Students identify the advantages of drafting assignments, then do a drafting exercise.
  • 25 I'VE FINISHED! Checking exercise to demonstrate the importance of final presentation.
  • 27 LEARNING FROM CRITICISM Activity to encourage a positive approach to criticism.
  • 29 UNEXPECTED CHANGES Activity to discover the best ways of dealing with unexpected changes in family or friendship situations during the coursework period.
  • 31 STRESSED OUT Students brainstorm a list of 'stress busters'.
  • 33 PRESSURE FROM PARENTS Activity to help students recognise why parents worry, and find a way of responding to their worries.
  • 35 PRESSURE FROM FRIENDS Students explore the best ways of dealing with distractions or unhelpful behaviour from friends.
  • 37 COLLABORATE OR COPY? Students use illustrations to identify the differences between legitimate collaboration and copying.
  • 39 KEEPING IT TOGETHER Activity to demonstrate the importance of keeping equipment and papers organised.
  • 41 MANAGING AN ENGLISH Students draw up a flow chart illustrating TASK the process of producing a piece of coursework for English.
  • 43 MANAGING YOUR Exercise which enables students to check ENGLISH FOLDER that they have met their English coursework requirements in terms of range and balance.
  • 45 MANAGING MATHS Students compile an action plan for completing a Maths assignment.
  • 47 MANAGING SCIENCE Activity focusing on the planning process involved in Science assignments.
  • 49 MANAGING DESIGN Students use illustrated examples to identify TECHNOLOGY and order the stages of a design project.
  • 51 YOUR GEOGRAPHY Students explore and analyse the stages of a CASE STUDY Geography enquiry.
  • 53 YOUR HISTORY PROJECT Activity focusing on extracts from assignments to highlight key aspects of History coursework.
  • 55 MANAGING MODERN Students identify the range of skills LANGUAGES involved in producing coursework in Modern Languages.
  • 57 MANAGING DRAMA Students draw up an action plan for their practical presentation.
  • 59 MANAGING MUSIC Activity based on identifying the stages and time needed for the preparation of a composition tape or similar assignment.
  • 61 MANAGING ART Students produce a flow chart showing the stages involved in compiling a portfolio.
  • 63 MANAGING YOUR Activity enabling students to identify the PE COURSEWORK skills involved in PE coursework, and to draw up an action plan.
  • 65 APPENDIX 1 Individual coursework summary chart
  • 66 APPENDIX 2 Summary of examination boards' coursework demands
  • 67 APPENDIX 3 Coursework planning chart



Teacher Testing Report

With increasing amounts of coursework for pupils to complete as part of GCSE and A levels a booster such as this would be very useful to them, they will be able to relate it to all subjects.
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Teacher Testing Report

What an excellent idea for a pack.
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Teacher Testing Report

Very useful relevant . Forced students to confront issues in an accessible, non threatening way. Would certainly use it again. Nothing like it in school.
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Teacher Testing Report

The content of the pack is very comprehensive and useful.
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Teacher Testing Report

The whole pack seems extremely comprehensive.
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Paul Barnes at Newscheck

Offers a number of very practical and useful approaches to a range of topics, together with suggestions for extension activities.
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Network Exchange

Managing Coursework is another A4 pack in the successful Chalkface series.
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