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Differentiated Homework Tasks in RE for Key Stage 3

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Age Range: KS3

Three versions of each worksheet are differentiated by language level, conceptual difficulty, number of tasks and expected outcomes. Targets and guidelines are included to help students meet marking criteria.

Sections include: Christian Symbolism; People with Special Authority; Christianity: A Living Faith. Topics include: Symbolism; Music; Food; Dress; Noah; Abraham and Isaac; The Pope; The Messiah; Faith and lifestyle; The Creed.

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Size: 64 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 238 9
Author(s): Kevin Reynolds
Code: DHTR
Popularity rank: 384

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Contents List



  • 7-9 PICTURES WITH MEANING Students design and study the significance of a variety of Christian symbols.
  • 11-13 THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD Students explore light and dark as symbols of good and evil, and make suggestions for 'things of light' and 'things of darkness'.
  • 15-17 MUSICAL MOODS Students consider how music can be used to create atmosphere and express feelings, and choose suitable music for a variety of occasions, including Christian events.
  • 19-21 THE OUTER LAYER Students write a conversation exploring opinions about the effects of different styles of religious dress.
  • 23-25 FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT Students describe a communion service and consider the way in which it incorporates the symbolic use of food.


  • 27-29 BLESSED AUTHORITY Students think about the qualities needed by those with religious authority, and use their ideas to write a job advertisement for a priest.
  • 31-33 FLOOD ALERT Students explore the message of the story of Noah as they retell the story.
  • 35-37 SACRIFICE Students write imaginary questions to Abraham to explore the meaning of sacrifice and its relevance today.
  • 39-41 WITHOUT ERROR Students write conversations based on contrasting views of the Pope and his role.
  • 43-45 THE MESSIAH Students consider the evidence that Jesus is the Messiah and use this to write a defence statement arguing His case.


  • 47-49 DIFFERENT WAYS Students write statements for four individuals which illustrate how different people show their faith through the way they live.
  • 51-53 DIFFERENT WORSHIP Students examine and select various activities which can be used as part of collective worship.
  • 55-57 MORE THAN BRICKS AND STONE Students produce leaflets showing the variety of activities associated with local churches, based either on the illustration or by researching a local church.
  • 59-61 THE APOSTLES' CREED Students explore the Creed, its meaning and effect on the lives of believers, expressing their ideas in the form of posters or letters.
  • 63-65 CHANGED FOREVER Students write in role as someone who has witnessed the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples, and explore the effect of religious experience on individuals.