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Starting Points in RE for Less Able Students

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Age Range: KS3

Students develop their understanding of Christianity, Islam and Judaism through worksheets accompanied by link pages, which reinforce ideas and assist with literacy, understanding and evaluation. Designed with the QCA 2000 units in mind, each religion is examined across nine main themes.

Themes are: The Lands of the Faiths; Beginnings; People; Holy Writings; How the Faiths Spread; Religious Festivals; Special Buildings; Beliefs; The Faiths Today.

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Size: 143 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 375 1
Author(s): Laura Marshall
Code: SPRL
Popularity rank: 221

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Contents List



  • 11 WHERE IT ALL BEGAN Everyday village life at the time of Jesus.
  • 13 WHERE IT ALL BEGAN (link page) Cutting out pictures to make a scene of village life in first-century Palestine.
  • 15 ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE The political and religious world into which Jesus was born.
  • 17 ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE (link page) Crossword about the life and times of Jesus.
  • 19 WHO WAS JESUS? Basic Christian ideas about the life of Jesus.
  • 21 WHO WAS JESUS? (link page) A story Jesus told.
  • 23 THE MOTHER OF JESUS Understanding the importance of Mary to Christians.
  • 25 THE MOTHER OF JESUS (link page) The story of how Mary appeared in a vision to Bernadette at Lourdes.
  • 27 A LIBRARY OF BOOKS Learning about the Christian Bible.
  • 29 A LIBRARY OF BOOKS (link page) Students make a scroll and copy out a verse from the Bible.
  • 31 CHRISTMAS Students learn about and gain insight into the Christmas story.
  • 33 CHRISTMAS (link page) Making a Christingle.
  • 35 EASTER Students explore the Easter story using biblical references.
  • 37 EASTER (link page) Understanding symbols to do with Easter.
  • 39 GOOD NEWS TO TELL! Students look at Christianity as a missionary religion.
  • 41 GOOD NEWS TO TELL! (link page) Students make up and play a board game: 'the Missionary Game'.
  • 43 A CHRISTIAN CHURCH Students learn about some of the things they would find in a parish church.
  • 45 A CHRISTIAN CHURCH (link page) Students cut out pictures of church objects and stick them onto a plan of a church.
  • 47 WHAT DO CHRISTIANS BELIEVE? Looking at basic Christian beliefs.
  • 49 WHAT DO CHRISTIANS BELIEVE? (link page) After reading a Christian creed, students make a creed of their own, reflecting their beliefs.
  • 51 A CHRISTIAN LIFE Looking at how one member of the Christian faith lives according to that faith.
  • 53 A CHRISTIAN LIFE (link page) Students look at six ways in which people practise Christianity; then create symbols or pictures to represent those ways.


  • 59 A SPECIAL LAND Students learn basic facts about Saudi Arabia.
  • 61 A SPECIAL LAND (link page) Activities using a map of Saudi Arabia.
  • 63 A BUSY CITY Learning what Mecca was like before it became a holy city for Muslims.
  • 65 A BUSY CITY (link page) Students map a trade route around the Near East that a merchant selling spices might have followed in Muhammed's time.
  • 67 THE PROPHET MUHAMMED Students gain a basic understanding of the life of the Prophet Muhammed.
  • 69 THE PROPHET MUHAMMED (link page) A crossword about the life and times of the Prophet Muhammed.
  • 71 KHADIJAH Looking at the Muslim view of Khadijah, the first wife of the Prophet Muhammed.
  • 73 KHADIJAH (link page) Looking at female dress in Islam.
  • 75 THE NIGHT OF POWER What Muslims believe about the origins of the Qur'an.
  • 77 THE NIGHT OF POWER (link page) What Muslims mean by 'showing respect'.
  • 79 RAMADAN The basic facts about Ramadan.
  • 81 RAMADAN (link page) A wordsearch on Muslim festivals.
  • 83 A TIME TO OBEY Looking at the story behind the festival Id-ul-Adha and the importance of trust and obedience.
  • 85 A TIME TO OBEY (link page) An exercise to help students learn about the Five Pillars of Islam.
  • 87 THE FAITH SPREADS Students consider the rapid spread of Islam and the reasons for its popularity.
  • 89 THE FAITH SPREADS (link page) Students complete a passage about the history of Islam.
  • 91 THE MOSQUE The features of a typical mosque.
  • 93 THE MOSQUE (link page) The calligraphy you might find in a mosque.
  • 95 WHAT MUSLIMS BELIEVE Looking at key ideas in Islam and exploring the difference between fact and belief.
  • 97 WHAT MUSLIMS BELIEVE (link page) A matching exercise on the prayer positions that Muslims use.
  • 99 A MUSLIM TODAY By looking at the diary of a Muslim boy, students understand aspects of Muslim life.
  • 101 A MUSLIM TODAY (link page) Students look at the food rules for Muslims.


  • 107 WELCOME TO OUR LAND! Basic facts about the Jewish state of Israel.
  • 109 WELCOME TO OUR LAND! (link page) Wordsearch about Israel and creating a poster around the Hebrew word 'Shalom'.
  • 111 DESERT PEOPLE Looking at the nomadic background of the fathers of Judaism.
  • 113 DESERT PEOPLE (link page) Students play the 'Lost in the Desert' game.
  • 115 WHO AM I? The basic stories of Abraham and Moses.
  • 117 WHO AM I? (link page) Wordsearch about key figures in the Jewish faith.
  • 119 A BRAVE WOMAN The importance of Esther to Jews.
  • 121 A BRAVE WOMAN (link page) Students make Purim masks.
  • 123 THE TORAH Students learn about the Torah and the Ten Commandments.
  • 125 THE TORAH (link page) Students make a Mezuzah.
  • 127 A SPECIAL DAY How Jews celebrate the Shabbat.
  • 129 A SPECIAL DAY (link page) Students complete a puzzle on the Shabbat.
  • 131 PASSOVER The origins of the festival.
  • 133 PASSOVER (link page) Students cut out pictures of food for a Seder plate.
  • 135 MOVING COUNTRY How it might feel, from a Jewish point of view, to move from a country because of intolerance and hatred.
  • 137 MOVING COUNTRY (link page) Looking at Holocaust memorials.
  • 139 THE SYNAGOGUE The features of a synagogue.
  • 141 THE SYNAGOGUE (link page) Students cut out and paste items onto a plan of a synagogue.
  • 143 WHAT MAKES A JEW? Looking at what is meant by Jewish shared identity.
  • 145 WHAT MAKES A JEW? (link page) Students complete a passage on circumcision.
  • 147 JEWISH LIFE TODAY Considering the day-to-day life of a Jew.
  • 149 JEWISH LIFE TODAY (link page) Looking at items used in worship.